Do you enjoy trekking and camping in the wild? Apart from a leisure trip, trekking is also a good fitness activity. It gives much strength to both your physical and mental health. Being an adventurous sport, you should well get ready for a trekking, hiking, or camping trip. Indeed, that would offer you extra pleasure in hiking through the mountains and jungles. The first thing to take care of while going on a trekking is the best gear. You get a good collection of the best trekking accessories in India for affordable prices today.

Trekking Accessories in India

Best Trekking Accessories in India

What are the basic trekking or camping accessories? For trekking alone, you may need only a jacket, a pair of shoes, or a sipping bottle. But, in this article, we would like to cover all essential things needed for a trekking and camping trip. Of course, on the market, we have a variety of gear for the enthusiasts of adventure sports. No doubt, modern gear add extra pleasure to your trips since they enhance your comfort in the wilderness. Well, below is our list of the best trekking accessories in India for campers and backpackers.

1. Wildcraft Trekking Backpack

It is one of the most-reviewed trekking backpacks online in India. This Wildcraft model is a 45-liter waterproof backpack with a good quality build. Well, it is made of lightweight nylon. So it becomes one of the easy-to-wear packsacks you could find in India for trekking, camping, and hiking. Check out a photo of the backpack below.                                                      Check Price and Buy @ Wildcraft Trekking Backpack

Though a popular model on key retail sites, this Wildcraft backpack is not exempt from criticism. Some buyers are not happy with the product as it features not many compartments and sockets. That is almost true. This bag doesn’t have a lot of pockets to store your camping gear or footwear. However, I recommend this model because it is more than enough for a majority of backpackers to carry their essential belongings.

2. GadgetBucket Outdoor Camping Tent

A camping tent is a must-have accessory for campers and backpackers. Fine, we have GadgetBucket’s popular outdoor camping tent as the next item on our list of the trekking accessories in India. If you want to stay in the wild after a tiresome trekking the safest way is to get a good quality camping tent. It is indeed one of the most popular camping tents you can find online in India. See more details of it after the image break below.                                                 Check Price and Buy @ GadgetBucket Outdoor Camping Tent

In fact, it is a 4-person outdoor tent with a size of 78 (L) x 78 (W) x 52 (H) in. No worries about its durability. It is built with good quality materials, of course. As its wall, you have durable polyester fabric and the bottom bed is made of terylene fabric. Meanwhile, shock-corded fiberglass poles put the tent upright. Its set-up is also very easy and quick. In a matter of time, you can set your camping tent with this GadgetBucket unit.

3. Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

A survival knife is what you must carry on all your adventure trips. Victorinox Huntsman is certainly more than a survival knife as you see in the photo. It is a versatile go-to emergency gear with around 15 diverse functions including a knife for cutting soft tree branches for fire and preparing meat for dinner. Amazingly, you can store it in your pocket or backpack and take anywhere hassle-free. We have more details after image break.

Check Price and Buy @ Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

The compact survival tool offers everything that an outdoor enthusiast typically needs in the wilderness. It equips multiple blades – a small and a larger one -, screwdrivers, scissors, corkscrew, can opener, and wood saw, and etc.. Overall, it is a complete and versatile pocket knife with everything in a single case. Also, it is very popular among campers with good customer feedback and rating on all leading retail sites in India.

4. RuggedTrails Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is another must-have trekking accessory. Here we have RuggedTrails’ all season waterproof sleeping bag on our list of the best trekking accessories in India. As you see in the photo below, it is an ultra-comfortable sleep bag that you can spread out anywhere to ensure good rest after a tiring hiking or trekking trip. We have more details of the bag after the image break.

                                                       Check Price and Buy @ RuggedTrails Sleeping Bag

In fact, it is a multi-functional sleep bag. It acts like both a comforter and blanket. Further, it is an all-weather bag that lets you ensure warm sleeping experience even in near-freezing temperature out in the wild. Also, it prevents you from getting wet with the advanced technologies used in its design. Overall, it becomes one of the coolest camping gear you can buy from the Indian market.

5. Coleman Broadband Quad Chair with Cooler

Are you looking for an easy-to-carry camping chair? This Coleman chair a well-cushioned, big portable chair with a cooler pouch. Surely, you can store one or two bottles of water or soda in it. The seat is large enough that it can hold a big person comfortably. Meanwhile, thanks to its folding design, you can take it anywhere you go for an outing. Use the link below the photo to buy a unit of the most-reviewed camping chair.                                         Check Price and Buy @ Coleman Broadband Quad Chair with Cooler

Other than a cup holder, the Coleman camping chair also features a small mesh flap for holding petty things like a magazine or phone. The chair’s cushion is made with good quality 100% polyethylene foam. So, it offers good support and comfort for your body that weighs up to 150 kgs. Once set up, it measures around 24 inches wider and the seat comes 18 inches higher from the ground, making it one of the top camping chairs.

6. Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Shoes

Salomon is a leading maker of hiking footwear for both men and women. Well, this pair of men hiking shoes – Quest 4D 2 GTX – is a very popular model in India. It is known for its increased stability and grip, which are the most needed attributes for the hiking shoes. If you are a mountaineer, hiker or trekker, these shoes are really going to be a worthy pick as long as they are known as the best backpacking shoes in the world.                                               Check Price and Buy @ Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Shoes 

They have got higher ankles that are quite helpful for balancing on rocky and muddy terrains. Of course, a lot of Indian backpackers recommend these shoes for their good performance in rough Indian terrains. If you are a serious outdoor enthusiast, you can surely go for Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX without a second thought. Yet, the downside is that the company doesn’t offer warranty for using the shoes with crampons.

7. SahiBUY LED Solar Emergency Lantern

The next on our list of trekking accessories in India comes an awesome LED solar lantern for outdoor use. As you see in the photo, it is a very handy and portable solar travel camping lantern. It could offer good lighting for campers to make their stay in the wild an exciting experience. Along with the LED light, it also highlights a USB charging option. Hence, you can charge your phone, tablet, or other small gadgets from its battery.

Check Price and Buy @ SahiBUY LED Solar Emergency Lantern

By the way, coming to charging, it has a solar option other than the traditional USB option. That means, if you have got a folding solar charger, you can juice the lantern anytime in the wild during the daytime. And enjoy the unlimited light and portable power in the night or on a cloudy day. Buy the lantern from the above link.

8. Coolnut Solar Power Bank

When it comes to trekking accessories in India or anywhere, a solar charger is a very important item. We don’t have a lot of folding solar chargers on the market in India as you see in the USA. But a solar power bank like the one from Coolnut is a good choice to charge your phone or other small devices if you get good sunlight in the wild. It stores power in its built-in battery and helps your devices juice up from the storage.

Check Price and Buy @ Coolnut Solar Power Bank

This is a 13000mAh portable solar charger with a small integrated solar cell. It features dual USB ports that let you charge two of your handsets at the same time. The solar power bank is capable to deliver power at the maximum of 2A output. Of course, that is enough to charge your smartphone, digital camera, and other small gadgets in an emergency. The case of the power bank is made of premium quality aluminum and ABS material so it becomes a cool pick for rough outdoor applications.

9. Magicwand Camping Torchlight

We came across a camping lantern above on our list of the top-selling trekking accessories in India. A lantern is only not enough for campers, trekkers, and backpackers. As an adventurer, you might need a torchlight to find the right path in your trail. This Magicwand Round Moon Shaped Torch with Convex Cree LED is indeed one of the best picks you could add to your camping gear for lighting.                                                      Check Price and Buy @ Magicwand Camping Torchlight

As you see in the pic, it is made of quality aluminum alloy. So, it works quite nice for rough outdoor life. It uses an AAA battery and is designed for various applications like camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, and hunting. The ultra-bright LED light offers a life up to 100,000 hours. Use the link above to buy a unit of the torchlight.

10. GoPro Hero 6 Action Camera

The next on our list of trekking accessories in India is an outdoor-friendly action camera. That is the way you can mount the cam easily on your head or a gimbal and record the great moments of your outdoor life. When it comes to an action camera, GoPro is the final word. Being the top-seller in the segment, this is certainly the best option you can get in Indian market. Though there are several other action camera bands, GoPro stands out with its unchallenged video quality, stabilization, and portability.                                                      Check Price and Buy @ GoPro Hero 6 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 6 is actually the best companion of backpackers and hikers. It records high-quality 4K60 video and delivers 2x the performance when put against its early model Hero 5. As all of you know, GoPro is waterproof up to 10M even without a housing. Also, it has a lot of advanced features that make it one of the best action cameras in the world. So, being a backpacker, you can try out GoPro Hero 6 for your next outing.

Final Thoughts

So, that has been our list of the best trekking accessories in India. We have picked the top-seller from all the popular camping gear category out there. As said above, if you are up to just trekking you won’t need all the items. You can just find the best suitable gear for trekking. But for a camper, it is likely that all the above items are the most wanted accessories to make their outing a brilliant experience. Hope you love the article. And share your thoughts if you have something to say in the comments section below. SportsFitness EquipmentGeneral FitnessDo you enjoy trekking and camping in the wild? Apart from a leisure trip, trekking is also a good fitness activity. It gives much strength to both your physical and mental health. Being an adventurous sport, you should well get ready for a trekking, hiking, or camping trip. Indeed,...Your Trusted Fitness Companion