Are you looking for the top fitness centers in Dubai? We are here to help you out, then.

Of course, there is a variety of fitness centers in Dubai. You could see them in the form of modern gyms, yoga centers, spas, swimming pools, sports, and athletic centers, and more.

Here we take an effort to bring to you the 10 top fitness centers in Dubai city. So, you could find your fitness center with the best deals and offers, for sure. Stay tuned after the image break.

Top Fitness Centers in Dubai

Exercise should be an important thing in your life. You can no longer stay active and dynamic without daily workouts. Life today is darned busy for everybody with the hectic workload and busy schedules.

The only solution to stay healthy is to follow regular physical activities. As everybody knows, it would improve your health in total by reducing cardiovascular risk, giving relief to stress, and easing down chronic pain.

10 Top Fitness Centers in Dubai

Anyway, if you are looking to join a health club in Dubai, here we have a list of the best ten centers. You could find the nearest one, join, and start working out to stay more energetic and active.

Our team of researchers has dug out the best deals for fitness centers in Dubai. Each pick on our list comes up with the links to let you buy passes from one day to several months. At great prices, you get the best chance to join a gym or other health clubs in the city and surroundings.

1. Sheraton Grand Hotel Fitness Center

Sheraton Grand Hotel Fitness Center

We would like to start the list of top fitness centers in Dubai with a brilliant pick. It is one of the fine choices for fitness freaks in Dubai. Enjoy your workouts in the 5-starred hotel, where you have access to health club, spa, and swimming pool starting from just AED 99.

Located at Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, this is indeed one of the premium destinations for fitness enthusiasts. You have got several amazing offers for the center on Groupon. Follow the button below to buy passes to use the multiple facilities at the hotel, which includes packages up to 3 months at great prices.

Needless to say, it is an excellent workout facility. Though a smaller gym with the basic equipment, there is everything for the beginners including an amazing view from the 53rd floor and awesome customer service.

Different packages of the fitness center include access to more facilities. Starting from a one day package to a three month one, you get diverse discounts and facilities to make your workouts more amazing.

2. Guru Gym and Health Club

Guru Gym and Health Club, Dubai

Next, we have Guru Gym on our list of the top fitness centers in Dubai. It is located near the Emirates Metro Station, Dubai. This is an amazing family-friendly destination for the gym and mixed martial arts including kickboxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai. The packages start with a one-month membership costing AED 249.

The Guru fitness center is known for providing both personal training and industrial martial arts coaching. So, it would be a nice choice for all types of fitness freaks out there. Whether you are looking to champion martial arts or achieve personal fitness, Guru is one of the best offers for the Dubains.

Indeed, Guru Gym offers you a wide range of packages on Groupon. Starting from a one-month membership, you have got packages up to one year. Different packages have got different personal training sessions from one hour to four one-hour sessions. Follow the button above to find all the amazing deals at Guru Gym.

3. Fusion Fitness EMS Training

Fusion Fitness EMS Training

Are you looking for an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) center in Dubai? Fusion Fitness EMS is a wonderful provider of EMS to all types of people. It is located in Al Raha Building, behind the Mall of Emirates.

As you know, EMS is all about eliciting your muscle contraction in the use of electric impulses. The technology has recently attracted lots of people as an incredible strength training tool as well as a rehabilitation tool for the patients. You get multiples packages of EMS at Fusion Fitness. Check out all by following the button.

Well, the Fusion fitness studio in Dubai offers you quality EMS training to stimulate 650 muscles in your body in 20 minutes. In the process, it would burn around 2000-kcal and help tune your body. Of course, apart from letting you achieve fitness goals, EMS would also boost blood circulation and get rid of chronic pains.

By the way, the packages of the EMS training at Fusion Fitness are based on the number of the above-said 20-minute sessions. See, for example, the currently available base package comes with the five sessions at AED 399 and you could even buy up to 120 sessions at a discounted price on Groupon.

4. FIT23 Gym Dubai Marina

FIT23 Gym Dubai Marina

Located in Dubai Marina, this is one of another top fitness centers in Dubai. The fitness hub is well-known for integrating conventional strength workouts with modern functional movements. Their combination will help you quickly gain a strong and fit body, for sure.

The fitness center is exactly located in La Verda Suites and Villas near to the DAMAC Properties tube station. You could enjoy access to the other modern forms of fitness activities like pool, sauna, and group fitness. The stunning view the Dubai Marina skyscrapers would really excite you during the workout sessions.

FIT23 Gym Dubai Marina indeed offers you several deals. Starting from a one-month membership with one-hour personal training to one-year membership with four one-hour training, you get them at amazing prices on Groupon. Follow the button above to find all the deals.

Of course, a team of quality trainers would be in the service of you at FIT23 Gym. You could ensure high-rep strength training along with various athletic moves to ensure quick and faster results. And enjoy your routine workouts at its best way to stay healthy and fit always.

5. Dunes CrossFit

Dunes CrossFit Dubai

This is another amazing fitness center for your daily workouts in Dubai. Located in Corner City Building, next to Coca Cola sales office, Nad Al Hamar, it is certainly one of the top fitness centers in Dubai. You would be really excited to be a part of this fitness community to achieve your best goals.

The gym certainly caters to the special needs of the customers in age levels. There are special sessions for the intense cross fitness, cardio workouts, private and semi-private workout training, and finally exclusive training for kids. That is how it becomes a complete family-friendly fitness center.

There are certainly many stunning offers and deals for workout freaks at Dunes CrossFit. You could either opt for the single day or weekly passes with access to all sessions or some specific session-based passes. Follow the Groupon button above to check out all the offers at Dunes CrossFit.

Clearly, five cross fitness and cardio sessions cost at AED 250 with a discount of 50% from the normal prices. You could buy up to 30 such sessions at more discounted prices. Meanwhile, the daily and weekly passes start at AED 60 and AED 209 respectively with access to all the sessions at the gym.

6. Speed Fitness Zone

Speed Fitness Zone Dubai Marina

Next, on our list of top fitness centers in Dubai, we have Speed Fitness Zone. Located in Marina View Towers, Ground Floor Behind Radisson Blu at Dubai Marina, this is another best destination for workout freaks. You have got advanced gym equipment and expert trainers to help you gain your fitness goals in its best way.

Speed Fitness Zone highlights a very spacious workout area on the ground floor. You could use the premium gym equipment on your own or take part in personal or group training sessions to learn the workout basics.

Speed Fitness Zone provides you various offers and deals. Based on the number of fitness classes, you have different offers on Groupon, starting from AED 49. Follow the button above to check out all the deals at Speed Fitness Zone and find your packages.

You could certainly enjoy the best workout experience thanks to the availability of multiple expert instructors. They could perfect your fitness abilities by providing the best workout training, health tips, and diet.

7. Energym Dubai

Energym Dubai

Located in El Attar Building beside ADCB metro station Al Karama, this is another best gym in Dubai. This is a relatively new gym but is a great facility for both gym workouts and dance practices.

You could perform your daily gym workouts and the dancers could break a sweat in a playful style. That said, workout freaks could ensure the wellbeing and achieve fitness goals in the guidance of expert trainers at Energym. Meanwhile, the born dancers could train to dance and strengthen their core for better health.

You get multiple packages on Groupon at Energym. For both the gym membership and dance practice, you have different offers. One-month gym membership comes at AED 95 and a three-month option is priced at AED 279. At the same time, the one-month and three-month dance sessions also come at the same prices.

8. The Burj Club

The Burj Club Fitness Center

The Burj Club is absolutely one of the top fitness centers in Dubai. Located in the iconic Burj Khalifa, this is a 6320-square-meter high-tech fitness hub that is set over five levels with one exclusively for ladies. You could carry out your routine exercises with a panoramic view of Downtown Dubai.

The Burj Club offers you a variety session of cardio workouts, strength, training, stamina building, and weight loss programs. Interestingly, the fitness center features a semi-Olympic size swimming pool, advanced gym equipment, and sun beds to enjoy your regular workouts in the maximum luxury.

The Burj Club has got some amazing offers on Groupon. You could take part in different groups of fitness classes starting at AED 55. Meanwhile, the top-end package of 12 group fitness classes is priced at AED 510. Follow the button above to check out all the offers and deals you could get at the Burj Club fitness center.

Apart from the gym, Burj Club also features a spacious Spa spreading over two floors. One is exclusively for ladies. The spa has got all the advanced facilities like steam bath, Sauna, and a variety of experience showers.

9. Strong Ladies Physical Fitness Gym

Strong Ladies Gym

Next, we have a women-only gym on our list of the top fitness centers in Dubai. This is Strong Ladies Physical Fitness Gym. It is located in Aljoud Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Lady fitness freaks could get through the tailor-made weightlifting workouts and personalized diet plans at the gym to get a strong and energetic body.

Its designers have put it not just as a fitness center. The gym focuses on boosting your self-confidence and conducting various community programs. As part of it, they used to perform programs like cancer awareness month, Mother’s Day, and etc. They also find time to celebrate the birthdays of the members.

When it comes to the workouts, the gym offers advanced equipment to let you enjoy your regular workouts in a fine way. The gym certainly offers you great deals. Find some offers on Groupon following the above button.

Coming to prices, one gym session is available at AED 30 and one fitness class at AED 45 on a discounted price. At the same time, for a one-month membership, it would cost only AED 169 on Groupon and a more advanced one-month membership with fitness classes comes at AED 450.

10. Saray Spa – Al Jaddaf Marriott Hotel

Saray Spa - Al Jaddaf Marriott Hotel

Finally, we have Saray Spa, an exclusive gym plus spa of Marriott Hotel Jaddaf, a 5-starred hotel in Zabeel Area, Dubai. Well, you have a gym equipped with modern equipment and facilities. For the spa, the facility has got individual treatment rooms with relaxation areas, shower rooms, sauna and more.

You have special spaces for ladies and men for the spa treatments. You could also get facials and body wraps done in the facility. That is why Saray Spa is one of the top fitness centers you could take membership to enjoy the workouts and spa in a luxurious atmosphere.

Saray Spa provides you multiple offers and deals on Groupon. You could choose one- or three-month gym memberships at an affordable price. The prices for the packages respectively come at AED 399 and AED 899.

But what you get is a chance to do your routine workouts and spa treatments at the five-star facility. Follow the Groupon button above to check out all the running offers and make sure you buy before they expire.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the top fitness centers in Dubai. I know the list is never complete, but we have just brought to you some centers that offer you the best deals at the moment. All the deals are running live on Groupon and they may end up on the coming days. So, make sure you buy the best deals and offers to start working out or to restart once broken workout routine at the best facilities in Dubai.

Disclaimer: All the offers and deals have been available on as of writing this. On the coming days, they may expire or get updated with more amazing deals. Anyway, we would like to update the list with more deals on the next occasion. By the way, we earn a commission if you make a purchase from the Groupon links. EquipmentGeneral FitnessAre you looking for the top fitness centers in Dubai? We are here to help you out, then. Of course, there is a variety of fitness centers in Dubai. You could see them in the form of modern gyms, yoga centers, spas, swimming pools, sports, and athletic centers, and more. Here...Your Trusted Fitness Companion