It is hard for the daily gym-goers in India to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Most of our traditional foods, as per the recent studies, lack sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals. How could you deal with this awful concern? Of course, go for some protein bars and snacks. The Mumbai-based firm Naturell leads the Indian protein bar market with a range of RiteBite protein bars and snacks. Here we go hands-on with some of the RiteBite’s best-seller protien bars and snacks to offer you a complete RiteBite protein bar review.

RiteBite Protein Bar Review

A protein bar is absolutely a swift way you can have to ensure all the required protein, vitamins, and minerals. That is why it is a great choice both as a pre-workout energy source and a post-workout recoverer. Meanwhile, on the go, a protein bar simply becomes a meal replacement as well. In my experience, a bar of RiteBite’s Max Protein, a perfect meal replacer, is quite enough to quell your appetite for a mealtime. Of course, it is because protein bars typically pack up all the essential supplements your body requires.

Of course, there is an increasing number of customers for protein and other nutrition bars in India, the recent studies reveal. Nevertheless, the protein market in India is still in its nascent stage mainly because of premium prices and low awareness. See, people in rural India are mostly unaware of even the need for a protein diet. In the meantime, workout enthusiasts in the cities of India have started to realize why they should take protein bars to boost up their energy levels before and after their workout sessions.

Why Protein Bars and Snacks

  1. Protein bars simply offer your body the wanted protein contents: A common man requires, as per various standards, at least 0.8 gm of protein per kg of his/her body weight. Meanwhile, a hardcore gym-goer or athlete needs almost double. You can’t grab that much protein from your everyday foods.
  2. Keeps you satiated between the meals: Another important advantage of the protein bars is that they keep you feel fuller than the regular snacks with full of carbo and fat. This simply helps you manage your bodyweight by controlling the intake of unnecessary carbohydrates.
  3.  Perfect pre-workout and post-workout energy source: A hardcore workout enthusiast must need enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep your body energetic for both the workout session and the rest of the day. Most of the protein bars include all the much-needed supplements for a workout enthusiast to stay active for whole the day.
  4. Excellent on-the-go nutrition supplement: A protein bar is an easy way you can carry anywhere to meet your basic nutrition requirements on the go. So if you are a regular traveler, camper, hiker, or trekker, you can munch on one of the best protein bars or snacks to keep your body rejuvenated.

best protein bars in India

RiteBite Protein Bar Review – All to Know About

Well, in our RiteBite protein bar review, we would like to have a hands-on with a number of the available bars and snacks. Being a regular gym-goer for a long time, I have been quite confused about my diet, especially the midday snacks. Like everybody, I felt really guilty to taste the regular biscuits and cookies along with my cups of green tea at least two times a day.

It is when I came across a series of RiteBite protein bars and snacks on the shelves of a supermarket nearby. Besides the lavish amount of carbo, I feel they are almost fine for someone, who wants to follow a healthy and fit life. Maybe, for a bodybuilder, they wouldn’t be a great choice because of their carbo content. Anyway, after savoring on all the available models multiple times, I here have a complete review of the products.

Hopefully, our RiteBite protein bar review will help you find the best protein bars in India to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Also, we would like to check the importance of protein in the daily intake of a gym-goer or other workout freaks. Sadly enough, many of the fitness enthusiasts in India don’t know how important the protein, vitamins, and minerals are in their routine diet.

So, stay tuned with us to have a detailed look at the major protein bars from RiteBite. They are available in a number of flavors and we have a review of some of the items below. We have multiple series of protein bars and snacks from RiteBite, aiming at various customers like gym-goers, regular workout freaks, and women.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

It is a line-up of high protein bars from RiteBite. According to Vijay Uttarwar, the founder and CEO of Naturell India, they have come out with this series after consultations with the gym trainers. The RiteBite Max is a 20g protein bar with low carbo, making them favorite choices for the fitness freaks.

Fine, you get this best-selling series of the bars in multiple flavors, of course. We have tried out four variants of the bars; green tea orange, choco slim, green coffee beans, and honey lemon.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

As you know, a nutrition bar is not much easy for eating. You can’t eat it like a bar of chocolate. When it comes to the chocolate, we don’t care about its health benefits. Most of the leading chocolate has 30% to 40% of fat and they have nothing to do with your health. When it comes to the protein bar, it was hard for me, of course. I enjoyed the choco mini bar the most, while other ones were somewhat intense with their respective flavors.

The honey lemon was having the harsh flavor of lemon. Indeed, I managed to eat all the bars completely with an effort, though. Anyway, the result was definitely awesome. I tasted all the bars after my morning workout sessions, which definitely helped me recover from the fatigue quickly and stay fresh for the rest of the day. When I had my first intake, I felt no hunger for several hours after taking the bar at 4:00 PM.

Nutrition Information

Coming to the nutrition facts, each of the high protein bars has all the important vitamins and minerals. As per its maker, these bars contain high fiber, 21 vitamins, and minerals, amino acid (L-glutamine and more), omega 3, and zero added sugar. Meanwhile, the total energy is around 250 kcal in all the Max Protein bars. The range of total carbo falls in between 30 g to 35g per bar of 70grams. Total fat is just around 7g to 10g.

The major content of the RiteBite Max Protein bars is a protein blend from soy nuggets, whey, and casein. That is the way RiteBite has designed its bars to ensure that your body gets a mix of protein content that digests in different stages. Hence, the bars could keep you energized for a long time. By the way, each bar comprises of pure natural substances for their respective flavor. No bar contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Why Should You Buy

  • 70g Meal Replacement Protein Bar. 
  • 20g Protein Content with Zero Added Sugar.
  • Higher Dietary Fiber Content (7gm)
  • 21 Essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Amino Acid (L-glutamine and More).
  • Rich With Omega 3 and Electrolytes.
  • 100% Vegetarian and Prebiotic Protein Bars.
  • Available in Multiple Flavors.

RiteBite Workout Protein Bars

Next, in our RiteBite protein bar review, we would like to check the brand’s workout series of protein bars. We tried out three flavors of the bar; choco almond, choco classic, and choco-berry. As you see, these are 10g bars with almost the same fiber, vitamin, and mineral contents of the above Max bars in proportion. Certainly, the attraction is that they are available small 50g bars, making them available for budget-conscious users also.

RiteBite Workout Protein Bars

Naturell has designed this line-up of workout bars for those who do any kind of workouts. Whether it is a gym workout, dance, yoga, cross-fit, jogging, cycling, or anything else, you can start your activities after having a bar of RiteBite Workout. The result is that you get quite enough energy to keep the momentum until you finish the session. Like the above Max Protein bars, it also contains a mix of whey, soy, and casein proteins, which offer you both slow and fast digesting protein contents.

Nutrition Information

Similar to the above Max Protein bars, the RiteBite workout series also has all the vital vitamins and minerals. The 10g protein bars are capable to fill your daily nutritional gap with a rich amount of the essentially needed components. See, the prebiotic, 100% vegetarian bars contain 21 vitamins, minerals, omega 3, and electrolytes to rejuvenate your body from the weariness of your daily workouts.

The amount of carbo in the 50g bars is around 25g. And the total fat is below 10g. And the fiber is just around 4 g. So it becomes a cool solution for someone who is looking to bulk up with the workouts. However, it is not a much good choice for a person, who is in a cutting phase. A thick layer of the black chocolate along with the respective flavors, each variant is quite yummy, of course.

Why Should You Buy

  • 10g Protein Bar for the Budget Conscious Users.
  • Specially Made for All Kind of Workouts.
  • Higher Protein Content with Good Dietary Fiber.
  • 100% Vegetarian and Prebiotic Protein Bars.
  • 21 Essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Available in Multiple Flavors.

RiteBite Protein Snacks

Apart from the above protein bars, we came across some crunchy protein snacks from RiteBite. Therefore, we would like to talk about those high-protein snacks next on our RiteBite protein bar review. As per the founder of Naturell, when it comes to the snacks, Indian customers could only imagine salty and spicy or sweet snacks like samosas and jalebis. As all we know, all those spicy and sweet snacks on the Indian markets are extremely fatty and are never good for your health and fitness.

RiteBite Protein Snacks

It is here Naturell has brought into the market some healthy snacks that are not fried or baked. Additionally, the very nutritious content in those bars makes them excellent for health-conscious people as their midday snacks. Well, we have tried out two packets of such RiteBite snacks; Spanish Tomato and Cheese & Jalapeno. Though amble in carbo, each of the 60g snack packets bring to you all the essential protein and good fats.

Further, they are also gluten-free snacks with 3g of dietary fiber and a very lower glycemic index. Interestingly, as per the company, compared to the regular fried chips and Namkeens, the RiteBite protein snacks are 40% less in fat content. Besides, made with around seven nutritious grains, they are quite healthy and nutritious, of course. The included grains are wholegrain oats, chickpeas, quinoa, soy, urad, and Jowar.

Why Should You Buy

  • Very Crunchy and Yummy Protein Snacks.
  • Amazing Replacement to the Fatty and Oily Regular Snacks.
  • 10gm Protein and 3gm Dietary Fiber.
  • 40% Lower Fat Compared to the Regular Chips and Snacks.
  • Perfectly Nutritious Midday Snacks for the Health-Conscious.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our RiteBite protein bar review. We have tried out some of the best-seller protein bars and snacks from the growing Indian brand. Of course, Naturell sells a variety of other flavors, especially in the protein bar segment. When it comes to protein snacks, this is a new segment and it has got only a few flavors so far. Overall, we have a range of amazing protein snacks from the brand, which expects to sell more healthy snacks in India in the coming years.

Anyway, it is high time fitness fans in India should include more of this kind of healthy snacks in their diet. As put it above, the recent studies show that the diet of Indians lacks adequate protein, though it includes dals, pluses, green grams, and dairy products generously. Therefore, along with our routine dishes, you should also try out some protein bars and snacks, which are 100% vegetarian, to boost your health and fitness. Hopefully, our RiteBite protein bar review would help you explore the healthy snacks and bars. and DietGeneral FitnessRiteBite Protein Bar Review,RiteBite Protein Bars,RiteBite Protein SnacksIt is hard for the daily gym-goers in India to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Most of our traditional foods, as per the recent studies, lack sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals. How could you deal with this awful concern? Of course, go for some protein bars and snacks....Your Trusted Fitness Companion