Fitness fans are always in look for different protein foods. Wanna try a change from your daily protein intakes like chicken and egg white? Absolutely, we are talking about peanuts for muscle building. Try it once. You get a brilliant source of vegetable protein. Evidently, the first thing that makes peanuts outstanding is its affordable price. Meanwhile, besides rich protein, it provides you useful fat content, essential vitamins and minerals.

Peanuts for Muscle Building

Peanuts for Muscle Building – 5 Great Advantages

For fitness enthusiasts, it has been a tough job to find variety of foods. They always want to cut short of carbo intake, and increase protein content in their foods. Usually, what fitness trainers suggest are chicken breast, egg white, fish, cashew nuts, almonds, etc. Only rare number of trainers have an idea about peanut’s health benefits. Therefore, we would like to cover the topic of peanuts for muscle building here. Stay tuned with us.

1. Highly Rich Vegetable Protein

Suppose you replace one meal with 100 gm of peanuts. What you get, in fact, is 26 gm of rich protein. Yes, it is the same amount of protein in 100 gm chicken. And when it comes to cost, peanuts are never going to break your bank. More amazingly, you could buy peanuts from anywhere and keep in your pocket for anytime use. In terms of protein density, peanuts beat both almonds and cashew, which cost several times more.

2. Heart-friendly Fatty Acids

Have you ever come across nutrition info of peanuts? You might stun to see peanuts having 49% fatty content? Don’t worry. Of which, over 80% are heart-friendly healthy fats; in other words, poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats at 16 gm and 24 gm respectively. As you know, these fatty acids are highly good for reducing your cholesterol levels and boosting up heart fitness.

Peanuts for Fitness

3. Less Carbohydrate and Sugar

Being a fitness enthusiast, you might love to avoid loading your belly with much carbo and sugar. Yes, intake of carbo and sugar in unnecessary amount make trouble in regular people also. Indeed, that would only let your body gain weight and accumulate fat. So you could chew in a little bit of peanut regularly without worry. The amount of carbo and sugar in 100 gm peanuts is very less, respectively 16 gm and 4 gm only. So feel relaxed to try some peanut when you feel hungry at least a couple of times a week.

4. Onetime Meal Replacement

A cup of peanuts is enough to replace a onetime meal. See, 100 gm peanuts has 567 calories, which is equal to what you typically get from a meal. Therefore, you could easily replace a couple of meals with peanuts a week. Don’t worry if that would be enough amount to fill your belly for a mealtime. In fact, peanuts are kind of heavy foods and take time to digest. So you wouldn’t feel hungry if you take only peanuts for one meal.

Peanuts for Fitness and Muscle Building

5. Highly Affordable Veg Protein

As noted above, peanuts are highly affordable. Compared to other mostly recommended nuts, peanuts are of cheap cost. On current market, 500 gm of peanuts cost only around INR. 100 when almonds and cashew for the same amount cost over INR 500. Simply, what I say is that you get this magical vegetable protein for a very affordable price. Its availability is widespread also. Moreover, you could take peanuts anywhere as they don’t produce bad smell like chicken or egg white.

Peanuts for Muscle Building – 3 Things to Take Care

No to Roasted Peanuts

It makes little sense to eat roasted peanuts. The healthiest way to consume peanut is in its original form with skin. Yes, peanuts won’t taste good if not roasted, but for better protein and vitamin absorption, you should take peanuts without roasting. One simple way to use peanuts in such a way is to grind in a mixer and include in your curries or other dishes for gravy instead of coconut or corn flour. That would offer you full benefits of the protein-rich and nutritious peanuts.

Don’t Remove Peanut Skin

Recently, hypermarkets sell packets of peanuts without skin. It is, of course, a bad idea to consume skin-free peanuts for muscle building and other fitness needs. The brown, thin peanut skin is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. For example, peanut skin contains niacin or vitamin B3, which is highly good for your cardiovascular health and general fitness.

Don’t Eat Old and Misstated Peanuts

Studies have spotted a cancer-causing fungal contaminant in expired packets of peanuts. US Food and Drugs Association warned people not to eat old, wet, and misstated peanuts. FDA team found Aflatoxin B1, a highly potent carcinogen, in peanut packets sold by street vendors and supermarkets. As you may know, Aflatoxin B1 is a fatal naturally originating carcinogenic mycotoxins as a result of certain fungi. Therefore, you should take better care not to eat peanuts in bad state.

Peanuts with Outer Skin

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our writing on peanuts for muscle building. Are you a fitness fan? Then, you must try peanuts in your diet. In spite of its many advantages, some people are allergic to peanuts. Most of such people can, however, eat peanuts without roasting. So if you feel allergic to peanuts, try some without roasting. If you feel you can’t eat peanut in original form, make paste of it and include in your curries and other dishes. What you get, as a result, is a rich protein supplement, which along with your other protein diet, could do magic in your muscle building and overall fitness, of course. and DietGeneral FitnessPeanuts for Muscle BuildingFitness fans are always in look for different protein foods. Wanna try a change from your daily protein intakes like chicken and egg white? Absolutely, we are talking about peanuts for muscle building. Try it once. You get a brilliant source of vegetable protein. Evidently, the first thing that...Your Trusted Fitness Companion