Looking for a good-quality home gym station? Here we have got a line of Kamachi home gym machines that will surely meet your requirements and budget. Kamachi, a key supplier of sports goods in India for over six decades, offers a collection of brilliant home multi-gym equipment in India. Well, we would like to explore the top-seller models here. So it will be easy for you to find the best home gym machine in the Indian market.

Kamachi Home Gym Machines

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A multi-gym station is a quick way to set up a mini gym in your home. As its name suggests, it combines the facilities for multiple workouts. Otherwise, you will have to buy separate machines for each body part. So, a full-fledged home gym station helps you do all major workouts for nearly all body parts on a single machine.

Of course, a home station has two amazing advantages; it is remarkably cost-effective and it takes up a small room. You need to spare only a small space for your home gym if you have got an incredible home multi-gym equipment in India. That is why we have the best selling Kamachi home machines for you below.

Best Selling Kamachi Home Gym Machines

As put it above, Kamachi has been a supplier of good quality sports goods in India since 1955. Apart from the gym equipment, the brand mainly sells shuttlecocks, basketballs, footballs, and skating, badminton, and table tennis accessories, and etc. When it comes to the Kamachi home gym stations, you get a variety of models out there at different prices. So you will be lucky to get a model that matches your needs and budget.

1. Kamachi Home Gym HG-12 Station

We would like to start our list with a nice home gym station. This is an all-in-one gym station that could target your entire body with the options for many common workouts. It could tone up whole the body muscles and increase strength. The machine notably combines butterfly arm and chest press stations so you could ensure better results for your upper body. Let us check out more details of the machine after the image break. By the way, use the link under the image to buy a unit of the Kamachi HG-12 home gym station.

Check Price and Buy @ Kamachi Home Gym HG-12 Station

Apart from chest press and butterflies, you can carry out several other workouts on the machine, as you see in the pic. In fact, the gym equipment offers a resistance up to 150 kg. And you get a lat pulldown bar, row plate, preacher pad, and other facilities for back workouts, biceps, and etc. Meanwhile, made of quality materials, the Kamachi machine is indeed worth buying for your home. Also, it has attracted a good number of customers in India already. So it might not be a bad choice if you are looking for an ideal multi-home-gym station.


  • All-in-one home gym station with 400 lbs resistance.
  • Multi-functional machine to target different body parts.
  • Includes a set of workout accessories for various parts.

2. Kamachi HG-22 Home Gym Station

Kamachi’s HG-22 is another most recommended home multi-gym equipment in India. Hence, we have it as the next item on our list of the best Kamachi home gym machines. It is a very stylish total workout solution. Most notably, it touts a chest flying facility – vertically and horizontally. Further, you can do leg extension, rowing, lat pulls on this great multi-gym station from Kamachi. Use the link below to order a unit of the gym station.

Check Price and Buy @ Kamachi HG-22 Home Gym Station

As you see in the photo, the HG-22 is made of strong and durable materials. You get the heavy-gauge pipe for better stability and long life. The weight resistance of the machine is 70 kg and further, it has got an anti-skid push-up bar, dip stand, and etc. By the way, as it would take only 4 ft x 5 ft for placing, it is a very much space saver also. The weight sacks are also of good quality and you could easily handle the weight blocks.


  • A stylish and strong total multi-gym workout station.
  • Heavy gauge construction and continuous loop cable rolls. 
  • Highly comfortable foam leg rolls. 
  • Largely space saver.

3. Kamachi HG-33 Home Gym with Ab Exerciser

The HG-33 is one of the top Kamachi home gym machines. As its title suggests, this is a complete multi-gym equipment with an ab exerciser. So if you have got a big belly, it would be the best multi-gym equipment for you in India. Like all other Kamachi gym stations, it features a heavy-gauge construction for better stability. Further, you get comfy foam leg rolls, continuous loop cable, and quality weight stacks to let you carry out multiple workouts easily. Use the link below to buy a unit of the multi-gym equipment for home.

Check Price and Buy @ Kamachi HG-33 Home Gym with Ab Exerciser

Like all similar models, you can perform a lot of your routine workouts on this equipment. They include chest press, chest flies, lat pulldowns, leg extension, and etc. However, the notable thing is that you get it with an ab exerciser. That gives an extra advantage for the people with bigger bellies. Anyways, the HG-33 is yet another best-seller Kamachi home multi-gym station at a reasonable price. It is also a small and compact equipment that won’t take up a lot of room in your interior.


  • Stylish all-in-in home multi-gym with abs exerciser.
  • Made of good quality metals for better stability and performance.
  • Small and compact – Won’t take up a lot of space for placing.

4. Kamachi Multi Home Gym 4 Station – HG-44

This is the most popular Kamachi multi-home gym equipment in India. Also, this is one of the best four station home gym machines out there. Featuring high-quality and durable materials, you get the 140kg equipment (two stacks of 70KG) for all your home gym workouts needs. The multi-color gym machine offers you the best facilities to carry out all your workouts. The best part is that it is an ideal build for home. It has got a decently heavy steel gauge, which offers the best performance and stability for all your workout efforts.

Check Price and Buy @ Kamachi Multi Home Gym 4 Station HG-44

The Kamachi gym machine will also be a great showpiece in your home, thanks to its stylish and grand design. At the same time, you can perform a large variety of your routine workouts in much comfort. Coming to the customer reviews, this machine has got a good rating in several customer reviews. You can use the link above to buy a unit from Amazon. Make sure you do all your basic workouts at the comfort of your home.


  • Hitech all-in-one home gym station.
  • Stylish and durable design for a grand look.
  • Ideal for home workouts for fitness freaks. 
  • One of the best four multi-gym stations.

5. Kamachi 4-in-1 Manual Treadmill

The next on our list of Kamachi home gym machines is a multi-purpose treadmill from the brand. This highly popular model features an aerobic twister, push up bar, and stepper apart from a foldable manual treadmill. Overall, you get a wonderful pick for your mini home gym. You can carry out some of the very basic workouts on a single machine. Along with the running, you can perform some push-ups, steps, and twisting to ensure a better workout experience. Use the link below to buy a unit of the Kamachi multi-purpose treadmill.

Check Price and Buy @ Kamachi 4-in-1 Manual Treadmill

The included manual treadmill has an electrometer with a 5 LCD display that shows heart pulse, time, speed, distance, and other important data about your running. Well, you can adjust the height of the treadmill surface manually. Meanwhile, the hydraulic stepper will help tone up your leg and calf muscles. You get this wonderful machine for a really awesome price. And it has got a good number of customer reviews and rating. And so is one of another great Kamachi home gym machines that you can try out in your home or office.


  • An ideal multi-purpose foldable treadmill.
  • Twister, stepper, push-up, and treadmill in one equipment.
  • Affordable and highly home-friendly gym machine.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Kamachi home gym machines. We have covered all the popular models of the brand on our listicle. Hence, it would be easy for you to find an ideal model that matches your needs and budget. All the products from Kamachi keep a good quality and so you can trust the brand for your home or office gym. Hope you have enjoyed the listicle. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.

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