It is not a blind how-to article. It is a clear brief on how I could cut my belly fat in a period of one year. I did that at gym, of course. Here I would like to let you know how to lose belly fat naturally at home (kitchen) and gym!

By the way, I don’t think you can cut your abdominal fat in a hurry like a week or days. Well, if you are a regular man, going to work, and dealing with all other things in life, it could take at least six months to cut your bulged abs to a noticeable level. For sure, it depends on its size, however. We have more details below. Stay with us.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally – Hands-on Experience

It is not an easy to thing to cut your overgrown belly. It is all about burning fat that is accumulated around your tummy and hips. That takes time and rigorous efforts, indeed. Simply, consistent workouts for a period of time help you cut down fat levels. But along with that you must take better care of your diet. Fine, with both better diet and workouts at gym, I guarantee you a flat, fit, and healthy stomach from as many as six months.

Come to my experience, I started to go to gym only at my age of 31. Until then, to your surprise, I was doing no workout at all. It was all about sitting in front of my computer as blogging was my profession. And about foods, it was all about eating unnecessary carbo through my routine dishes like white rice, chapatis, snacks, and etc. The most awful thing was my love for sugary items. I was passionate of baked, and sweet snacks, and chips.

Why Fatty Belly

Do you wonder how you get a fatty belly? Recently, I talked to one of my friends, who has got a big tummy. To my surprise, his explanation for the fatty tummy was his habit of excessive water drinking. It has nothing to do with your belly, in fact. Water is always good for belly, however. But the basic reason for a bulged abdomen, as noted above, is excessive accumulation of fat around your waistline.

It happens because you take a lot of carbo, which instead of being made to energy, converts to fat. So an easy solution goes; you take less carbo or you work out hard to consume energy. And do both at the same time for a six pack. ūüôā Yes, we would like to explain these things in detail in this article to show you how to lose belly fat naturally. Sure, you never need to take fat burner drugs and put your body metabolism at risk for a flat belly.

Why a Fit Belly Matters

No doubt, a fit belly is a right indication of a healthy body. Stomach is indeed one of the earlier spots in your body where excess fat gets accumulated. Therefore, you might have a good impression of a person with a fit tummy. At a glance, you will feel the difference between persons with fatty and fit bellies, won’t you? What’s more, strong abs safeguard you from several illness and weakness. See, a strong tummy lets your spine prop up neatly, thus providing you a good feel to stand tall with legs and arms in prefect alignment.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Chick Peas and Salads

Fatty Belly – 5 Possible Reasons

You got a fatty stomach? There can be many reasons for it. We analyze as many as six reasons why you might get a bulged tummy. It would indeed help you take better care on your diet before starting a workout session. Stay with us, because finding the right reason for unhealthy belly will give you much confidence in fighting it.

1. Excessive Sugar – Fructose

Sugar is, of course, a big energy source. You might be using sugar in your tea, juices, snacks, and other dishes for long time. Sugar and jaggery, non-centrifugal cane sugar, are, in fact, not much unhealthy if you use them in limited amount. But what has been much fatal for your belly is excessive use of soft drinks and snacks that get their sweetness from high-fructose corn syrup. Obviously, it is cost-effective for bakers and cola makers.

It is a liquid sweetener from corn starch that unlike traditional sugar and jaggery absorbs very quickly in your blood streams. Hope you know what happens if sugar absorbs fast in your body. First, it gives much energy for your body that stores it for later use if you do no physical activity. Second, mostly hitting your belly in liquid form, fructose no more quenches your hunger feel. And you continue to fill belly with heavy meals after.

2. Trans Fat – Hydrogenated Fatty Oils

Have you ever gone through the ingredients of your favorite cookies? You might see ”hydrogenated fatty oils.” And, of course, you could see “trans fat” in nutrition facts. Is hydrogenated fatty oil such harmful? Yes, it is. It contains trans fat, which could lower HDL cholesterol and increase LDL. Food makers use trans fat to increase shelf life of their products, because it comes out of a chemical process of solidifying oil with hydrogen. Thus, it offers a preventive covering over your cookies and other dishes not to decompose quickly on the shelves.

3. Lack of Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important thing to follow in your search to how to lose belly fat naturally. As put it above, people today take in a lot of sugar and carbo and sit idle in front of TV and computer. Even if you don’t follow a fitness activity, you might be eating with no limits. What happens then is the sad thing, a fatty belly and totally unhealthy body. You have a variety of options to engage in physical activities in the modern world.

In my case, after my studies, I have been working as a blogger for around 10 years with no physical activity at all. I came to know that my fitness had deteriorated largely after I turned 30. First, I started to walk around in the morning and evening. Truly to say, it was not satisfactory for me, because I had overgrown to around 95 kgs. Then, I started to attend gym, where my trainer gave me complete idea on how to lose belly fat naturally.

And as of writing this, I weigh just 76 kgs and my stomach is almost flat and, certainly, I feel very healthy after 1.5 years of regular visits to gym. Yes, I go everyday to gym with no laziness, and spend two hours out there. To your surprise, I was using XXL T-shirts before I started to gym. My current size is Large for certain brands and even Medium for some brands like John Miller and Classic Polo.

4. Rest from Workouts

Some people start to gym with excitement and discontinue after a few months. Evidently, it is not a good sign for your belly as well as overall health. You might have heard of people saying weight gain as the side-effect of gym stopping, haven’t you? It is actually not a side-effect of gym as people have mistakenly understood. This is what naturally happens when you stop any workout quickly. Once you do work out regularly, your metabolism changes as it consumes a big share of calories you take in a day. But as you stop suddenly, body starts to grow up since there is no way to consume the extra calories.

5. Stress and Sleepless Nights

Absolutely, other reasons like lack of sleep and stress also work behind your stomach fat dump. Overall fitness of your body is also related with these. With both stress and lack of sleep, you can’t follow daily fitness activity. And coming to belly fat, stress causes release of cortisone and adrenaline in your body, especially in women. Studies have proven that¬†cortisone has an effect on your protein and fat metabolism, thus leading to weight gain, and fatty belly. So is the case with sleeplessness. Hence, make sure you get good mood and better sleep.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally – Best Solutions

What are the best solutions for cutting your stomach fat then? As put it above, we focus on two things to see how to lose belly fat naturally; workouts and diet. It is because I have attained my goal with these two things. I never succumbed to my trainer’s advice to take in a fat burner and go on any other anti-metabolic solutions. Sure, this way it would take time for a small belly and, moreover, it would take huge effort for a six pack.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally at Home

Abs Workouts

Yes, rigorous workout is the first step. Initially, I was troubling very much even to do some basic crunches with my huge tummy. As the days passed by, I could manage to master several ground and machine workouts for abs, thus giving more strength for my abdominal muscles gradually. Needless to say, workout for belly is still one of the toughest things at gym for me. I go very tired and sweat in just a few minutes when it comes to abs.

You must spend a while for abs workouts everyday along with your workouts for other body parts. In my case, I used to do some basic exercises for belly in the first hour as part of warm-ups. And after the part session, I again find some time for abs. Moreover, in my one 8-day long workout calendar, I focus two days fully on belly. And I do all possible workouts on a day for belly, including ground crunches in assistance of my trainer.

My Workouts and What I Recommend

You should have a look at regular ab workouts and machines to get a complete idea on how to lose belly fat naturally. Mostly what I do at the gym are various ground workouts like foot to foot crunches, alternating curls, push throughs, vertical crunches, and etc. Of course, I also use machines for other advanced abs workouts. Are you looking to set up an abs machine in your home? What I suggest for you are two basic machines for your small home gym; a regular exercise bike and one abs workout bench.

Bike is for cardiovascular fitness. You could start with biking for around half an hour to achieve perfection for lower as well as upper body parts. What I recommend for this is Kobo’s Air Bike, which could help you reach your cardio targets in a safe manner. The next is Kobo’s own Exercise Bench that is a compact and foldable abs machine. This strong machine could bear weight up to 120 kg and it packs a pair of 1.5 kg dumbbells. You could also try¬†ASG’s Multi-purpose Adjustable Bench. It offers you six versatile positions and you can work out comfortably in incline, decline, and flat positions for quick results.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Chicken

Rich Protein Diet

You must follow a strict diet along with workouts. Diet with rich protein dishes must come second in your look-up to see how to lose belly fat naturally. As you already know, sugar and carbo in unnecessary amount cause unneeded fat dump in your body. So what is the solution? It is simple logic. Include as much as protein in your diet and make a serious check on your carbo intakes. That is, you should take pulses, nuts, chicken, egg white, and anything else that is rich in protein and less in carbo and sugar.

So being an Indian, you have nothing to worry about the availability of protein foods. For breakfast, we usually consume a lot of pulses and nuts. Hence, what all you need to is to ensure that you take little of flour-made chapatis and breads. Instead increase your share of chick peas, lentils, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and etc. If you are non-veg, go for chicken breasts, egg white, fishes, and etc. Of course, good protein metabolism along with workouts guarantee you a strong belly with less fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Green Gram and Peanuts

My Abs Workout Diet and Schedule

I am happy to introduce you to the diet I have been following as part of my abs workouts. First, being a non-veg, I mostly rely on chicken and egg white for my protein share. For at least four days a week, I take in either chicken or egg white for my breakfast and lunch. During the intervals between main meals, I consume small amount of peanuts, cashews, or almonds. I also use dark, less-sugar chocolates. For the rest of days in a week, I prefer to pluses like chick peas, soya, lentils, green gram, and etc along with brown rice and chapatis.

Another vital thing I take care of is the timing and quantity of foods. For breakfast after workouts, quantity of my food is like egg whites of around 6 to 8 eggs. I boil it and take with curry like chicken, fish, or pulses. Then, I take my next food after two hours that include sugar-free biscuits, nuts, and fruits with green tea. For a better belly, this it the proven method. That is, you take less food at a time and continue small quantities in intervals.

For lunch, I take a little bit of brown basmati rice, and in the evening again biscuits and fruits as I will be in the office. And I skip a heavy meal in the night. I just prefer to carrots, cucumber, bananas, or a little bit of oats if I feel more hungry. You must also skip intake of rice and other heavy dishes for dinner. Also make sure you take dinner at least two hours before going to bed, because your food must digest almost fully before you lie down.

Final Thoughts –¬†How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Hope you have enjoyed my writing on how to lose belly fat naturally. There are more things to explain, which I will do in future posts. Anyway, what I feel from my experience of¬† growing belly fitness is it is a kind of art. You should do it perfectly to get good results with much care. Before winding up, I would like to let you know my waistline measure. It was 38 in before I started workouts, and as of now, it is 34.5 in. See, a fit man shouldn’t have a waistline over 35 in. Just take a measure tape and check your waistlines size and start working out. and DietGeneral FitnessHow to Lose Belly Fat NaturallyIt is not a blind how-to article. It is a clear brief on how I could cut my belly fat in a period of one year. I did that at gym, of course. Here I would like to let you know how to lose belly fat naturally at home (kitchen)...Your Trusted Fitness Companion