Fitness enthusiasts are widely buying home gym equipment in India, these days. Are you also looking to buy some workout equipment for your home or office?

Certainly, you should keep in mind several important things before investing your hard-earned money in the costly gym equipment and related accessories. Only then, you could identify the suitable gym equipment and diligently make use of them to carry out your workouts regularly.

Home Gym Equipment in India

There is technically no difference between a piece of gym equipment for home or a professional gym. The key purpose of every gym machine is simply the workout. But you don’t need an industrial-standard and heavily costly workout equipment for your home or office.

Home Gym Equipment – All to Know About

Home gym enthusiasts in India typically choose the basic gym workout machines. Fine, they mostly include the treadmills, fitness cycles, abs rollers, kettlebells, and some dumbbells, discs, and bars. That is quite obvious as these devices would be quite enough to perform all your basic workouts a day. But in a professional gym, you would need a lot of other advanced workout machines apart from the advanced versions of the above items.

Why Home Gym

This is the first and foremost question, for sure. Why should you set up a home gym? Are you such a busy man to miss out on the interesting socializing workout experience at a gym?

First of all, you should find a clear reason why you should buy some home gym equipment, other than hitting by a nearby gym. Of course, if you are a person with such a busy schedule, a home gym is the finest choice for you other than carrying out zero workouts.

But remember, many people, in my experience, have lost the passion to work out on their new machines in a few days after the purchase. So, you should keep the willpower to go on with your workouts for a long time. Otherwise, you would be making a bad investment.

If you are sure you could only continue the routine workouts in your home gym, let us check out the important things to keep in mind while buying some machines.

1. The Goal – Fitness or Muscle Building

The workout has two clear purposes; fitness or muscle building. Obviously, the youth show a special interest in forming their muscles and toning up their body for a show. Meanwhile, many people just aim at basic fitness to stay healthy and energetic for the rest of the day.

You must fix the goal of your workouts before buying the home gym equipment in India. It is because you would need totally different machines for both the segments of the gym workouts.

For fitness, you would just need some cardio machines. While for weight training, you would necessarily have some heavier dumbbells, barbells, workout benches, and more.

2. Exclusive Space for Mini Home Gym

Never venture into buying some home gym equipment if you don’t have an exclusive space to set up your home gym. I highly recommend you to set aside a room or a patio of your home or office for a mini gym. Make sure the home gym space would offer you enough light and fresh air during the workouts.

I have come across a lot of my friends putting their costly workout machines in the living or dining spaces of their homes. It should never be appreciated since the workout is a totally unique thing that you could only carry out in its perfection in an atmosphere with some calmness and tranquility.

3. Clear Knowledge About Workouts

You must earn the best knowledge about workouts before setting out to buy home gym equipment. The best idea is to get in touch with a fitness trainer or visit a gym for a period of time to learn the basics.

As you know, gym workout is a completely scientific method of exercise. Unlike many of the traditional forms of exercises, gym workout has got a rhythm and flow, which every fitness enthusiast must follow. Otherwise, things would end up in a very bad situation as your body muscles would get damaged.

Consequently, you would likely stop working out, overall. So, the better way is to gain maximum knowledge. These days, you could even refer to some online or mobile app guides also to learn the basics of workouts.

4. Costly Purchase

It is a costly purchase, of course. To get the ideal home gym equipment, you should spend profusely. There is actually a wide number of brands that offer you incredible gym equipment. But you must go for the highly durable, strong, and stable gym equipment to add to the comfort of working out at home.

To get membership even in a hi-tech and air-conditioned gym in the town, you would have to spend only some hundreds a month in India. But to set up a mini home gym would never be cheaper. So, find enough funds to go for the best home gym equipment.

5. Find Suitable Gym Equipment

After you set the goal of workouts and save the budget, it is all about listing the best gym equipment for your requirements. It would always be nice to consult an expert trainer to prepare the list. Thus, you could clearly figure out what type of workout equipment you would need to tone up your body from the comfort of home.

Most probably, fitness enthusiasts would be buying a quality treadmill and some sets of dumbbells, bars, and a workout bench. Some people would also add other popular home gym items like the kettlebell, abs roller, skipping rope, pull-up bars, and etc. Bodybuilding freaks would also go for more advanced machines.

6. Choose the Best Brands

Several brands offer you quality home-friendly gym equipment online and offline. Fine, you could either visit a local fitness store or retail sites like Amazon to buy the best home gym equipment. But we recommend online stores since you would be getting a lot of choices at the best offers out there.

In a local store, you would most likely have all the products from the same brand. Meanwhile, if you go online for your home gym equipment purchase, you could mix up your workout equipment from different brands. That would certainly offer you the best quality products at the end of the day.

7. Assembly of Home Gym Equipment

Obviously, you could easily assemble small home gym equipment. But for a treadmill or any other advanced machines like a multi-gym station, it is better you seek the help of a technician if you would find it any hard to set up. Every machine should be placed in its correct position to ensure a better workout experience.

In the case of a treadmill, it is not easy for a beginner to start the workout without the help of an expert. The chance to fall down from the machine is most likely from a motorized treadmill if you have used the controls incorrectly. So, the ideal solution always is to get assistance from a gym trainer or a technician.

Best Home Gym Equipment Solutions

Earlier, we have had a look at the best equipment for a home gym on a budget on our blog. Here we check the ideal home gym equipment solutions you could try in your mini gym. As said above, it would never be possible to set up all types of professional gym equipment in your home gym, mainly because of their higher cost.

The lack of space in your home is also a reason that would discourage you from going for advanced machines. Then, what do you think are the most recommended home gym equipment? Below, we go into more details about all our recommendations and their prices so that you could find the best gym machine for your home.

1. Treadmill

Though a pricier piece of equipment, the treadmill is a very basic requirement in every home gym. If you are not in a situation to run or jog on the ground regularly, the treadmill would help increase your cardiovascular health. And for serious bodybuilders, running on the treadmill is an opportunity to warm up their body.

Treadmill for Home Gym

Today, you could own a motorized treadmill of decent quality starting at just INR 15,000. And for an amount of INR 50,000, you could get a premium treadmill. By the way, you might have come across advanced treadmills in a professional gym. As you see, those industrial-standard products are available only for a price over lakhs.

But for home gym purpose, you don’t need such sophisticated treadmills. There will only be a limited number of users for your home gym equipment. Meanwhile, in a gym, there will always be a crowd of people waiting for their turn during the entire gym hours. Here we have a list of the best treadmills for home use in India.

2. Multi-Workout Gym Station

Next, a must-have home gym equipment is a quality multi-workout gym station. Indeed, there are many multi-workout stations on the market ranging from basic multi-workout benches to the highly sophisticated workout stations. In a professional gym, you would certainly have exclusive machines for various muscle parts such as chest, shoulders, wings, leg, abs, triceps, and etc.

It is never possible to set up different machines for different muscles parts in your home or office gym. Hence, you could try out one of the best home gym stations, which start with a price of around INR. 10,000. Of course, you have several premium quality full-fledged workout stations priced over INR. 50K on the Indian market. It is better to buy a strong and sturdy multi-workout station for a better workout experience.

3. Kettlebells and Dumbbells

Kettlebells and dumbbells are other popular items required at a mini home gym. Both the items are available in various weights, letting you find suitable sets for different workouts. The kettlebells are designed to let you perform explosive workouts, by combining both cardiovascular fitness and strength training. Absolutely, they help you gain the core strength, weight loss, and flexibility.

Kettlebells and Dumbbells

Meanwhile, dumbbells are the essential tools of gym workouts. You must buy some basic sets of dumbbells for various workouts in your home gym. There are many types of dumbbells in various styles and forms. If you have a low budget, get some fully metal dumbbells. For a higher price, you get PVC-coated colorful dumbbells.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best home gym equipment in India. There are actually not many vendors that sell a good collection of home gym equipment. You should do your own research to find suitable equipment for your home and office gyms. The main concern while buying workout equipment should be that you get the best machines that match your goals. There is actually no point in investing in highly costly machines to leave it behind without doing regular workouts and maintenance. EquipmentGeneral FitnessHome Gym Equipment,Home Gym Equipment in IndiaFitness enthusiasts are widely buying home gym equipment in India, these days. Are you also looking to buy some workout equipment for your home or office? Certainly, you should keep in mind several important things before investing your hard-earned money in the costly gym equipment and related accessories. Only then,...Your Trusted Fitness Companion