There looks to have an increase in number of people who hit the gym for adding to weight. Do you have lean body? I think you would be planing to make into gym everyday to pump it up to a respected fit and bulk body. Of course, that is fine. But there are several factors you should be aware of to see how gym workout and diet for weight gain work in a harmony. I am sure that rare Indian gym goers currently have a better idea on the importance of diet along with hardcore workouts. Let us have a look at those factors in detail below.

Gym Workout and Diet for Weight Gain

Gym Workout and Diet for Weight Gain

Absolutely, a lean person dreams of a fit and bulky body. As you know, people recommend gym as the best solution for them to gain it quickly. But do you think it is easy to gain weight at gym in a week or so? ‘Never’ is what I could say from my experience in gym for many years so far. Indeed, you must take care of several more things for weight gain, especially diet. Remember, gym workouts won’t alone bring you a bulky and fit body.

I have seen many people who disappointingly left gym because they had no result after some weeks. It is sad, and is because of ignorance on how our body responds to workouts. Most likely, it takes around three months for your body to show initial signs of regular workouts. So if you work out for gaining weight, you must wait for at least three months with good gym workout and diet for weight gain before stopping.

1. Workout Time and Fat Reserves

Obviously, there is a relation between workout time and fat burning process. You should work out at least 40 minutes for your body to start burning reserve fat. Hope you know your body mainly has two types of energy stores; glycogen and fat. I am sure you know what fat is. You might have really started to go to gym in fear of the dumped fat in your belly, cheeks, and butts. Meanwhile, glycogen is a type of energy, which is known as the primary storage of energy in your body.

When you start working out, your body taps energy from glycogen stores for the first 20 minutes. Only when it gets depleted, your body starts to tap the secondary source, i.e. fat reserves. Indeed, that process needs more oxygen. That is why you start strong breathing after half an hour of workouts. That said, you must find time for daily workouts of at least 80 minutes whatever busy you are. That would be nice to focus on initial warm-ups for around 30 minutes and hardcore workouts for the rest of time.

If you don’t follow this timing strictly there is less chance for your body to fall in weight. Unfortunately, many starters fail to realize it. They just turn up and lift some weights for biceps with no certain goals. As a result, they would stop turning up to gym after a few weeks and consider it as not effective for weight gain. What I say is if you are seriously fighting for weight gain, you should spend quality time and work out with a plan.

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2. Eat Instantly After Workouts

Soon after workouts, your body craves for energy. Certainly, it is a time your body has an increased absorption capacity. Therefore, you should take at least a small meal within half an hour of leaving gym. Suggested food is, in fact, a mix of protein and carbohydrates. Fine, fitness trainers commonly recommend you to take 30 gm of protein and as much carbo in the instant post-workout meal. Do you work out in gym in the morning? Then, what I suggest is to take your breakfast soon after exercise.

A typical Indian breakfast is truly a rich supplement for your post-workout meal. Usually, it includes chick peas, lentils, green gram, or black grams. Never eat a lot of chapatis or other rice dishes, because they have nothing to do in building your body muscles. By the way, if you are non-veg, you could try chicken, egg white, and fish. But make sure your meal is not very salty and spicy. In evening also, you could try different items everyday. If you feel very tired you could try a cup of sweetened tea or coffee as well.

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3. Keep a Rhythm in Workouts

It is an important factor of ensuring better gym workout and diet for weight gain. In fact, your workouts should be rhythmic even if you do it for weight gain or loss. That is the common logic of gym. Well, rhythm in workout means you keep muscular movements in a continuous and repetitive manner. To be honest, what we see in our fitness centers is people who want to boost their body muscles just turn up and start hardcore excercises. Of course, that is a very bad practice and would end up in fatal injuries and constant leaving of gym workouts.

Start workout in a rhythm. First, you should spend quality time on warm-ups. Stretch up all key body muscles, especially the parts you worked out for during last days. Come to weights, you should take care to start from low to high in lifting. Certainly, it is nonsense to lift high weights to gain muscles faster. It is all about making your muscles stronger in steps. Hence, follow the directions of trainer and take enough rest in between sets.

4. Give Enough Rest for Body

For better gym workout and diet for weight gain, you must give enough rest for your body. Your muscles grow faster in two occasions mainly; after workouts and during deep sleep. We have already learned the importance of taking protein-rich foods soon after workouts. Now it is about sleep. Usually, trainers recommend a sleep of eight hours a day. But today people are busy with their work and other schedules and few people get a chance for long-hour sleeps in night. Sure, it would tire up your body during work hours. So if possible you could take a nap of one hour or below during day.

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5. Try Some Protein Supplement

There is a misconception that weight gainers and protein powders are harmful to health. It is not true for any reason. I could tell that with much confidence. I have been taking protein powder for over two years with no issues. Since you work out for weight gain, you have variety of  weight gainer cum protein powder products available on market. Indeed, you could try one to ensure better gym workout and diet for weight gain.

For a hardcore gym enthusiast, protein powder is actually a way to kill multiple birds with one stone. Clearly, you won’t get all protein, minerals, and vitamins from your natural food, especially after the workout session. Most leading protein and weight gainer supplements come with a rich collection of all essential vitamins and minerals. Your body absorbs all what are required and eject the excess through urine and stool. So don’t worry about including a weight gainer or protein powder in your diet.

But you must take better care, however. When buying a supplement, make sure you get it from top brands. My favorite brands for protein supplements are MyProtein and MuscleTech. Moreover, ensure that what you get are original products, not copies. Sadly, in India there are many fraudulent companies that sell copies and low quality protein supplements. Coming to serving, you should again keep a check on the recommended amount. Don’t overeat protein powder because that would badly impact your body metabolism.

Gym Workouts and Diet for Weight Gain

Final Thoughts

Hope you have loved the article on gym workout and diet for weight gain. I have written it with the increasing need on making people aware of the importance of diet along with workouts. Yes, I have mostly referred to my own experience with gym to compile this writing. Actually, I headed to gym not to increase weight, but to cut off my obese body weight. I have done very well in my effort with continuous workouts for the last three years. Hopefully, it would help you much in adding to your body with with the best practices in gym. FitnessGym Workout and Diet for Weight GainThere looks to have an increase in number of people who hit the gym for adding to weight. Do you have lean body? I think you would be planing to make into gym everyday to pump it up to a respected fit and bulk body. Of course, that is...Your Trusted Fitness Companion