Hope you are well aware of the importance of protein shakes and other food supplements in gym workouts. Protein supplements send instant amino acids and vital minerals into your blood cells. They help your body recover from the ruins of rigorous workouts every day. For that, you certainly need the best shaker bottle, which only mixes up your protein supplement correctly. Or your shake will be unappetizing and distasteful. Want to have a look at the best gym shaker bottles in India? We have a list of 10 cool shaker bottles below.


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10 Best Gym Shaker Bottles in India

What is an ideal gym shaker? First, it should be sized perfectly. You can’t easily handle a shaker that is too large or too small. Preferably, a 500ml shaker is a great pick because that gives you the comfort to shake the protein well and carry it hassle-free to your gym. Further, make sure your bottle has multiple compartments in order to store protein powder, tablets, other food supplements, or snacks. So you don’t need to carry extra pouches to take the stuff to the gym for mixing.

A shaker further needs required blenders to properly mix the powder with liquid. Certainly, it is not healthy to drink a shake with clumps. Typically, a protein shaker comes with at least two types of blenders like a whisker, metal disc, ball or mesh. Make sure the shaker you buy has sufficient blenders to agitate the powder perfectly. Anyway, below comes our list of the best gym shaker bottles in India. Hope you can find your favorite model to shake your supplements well and stay more muscular and powerful.

1. iShake 020 Shaker Bottle

iShake is a top Indian brand that sells a variety of protein shaker bottles. This 020 shake bottle is one of main gym shaker bottles in India with good customer reviews and rating. It is a stylish 500-ml BPA-free plastic bottle that is highly durable and 100% leak-proof. So you can take it into the gym or outdoor sports events with no worry at all. Hundreds of customers have reviewed the product good on all major retailer sites in India.

I Shake 020 Shaker Bottle

Great part with iShake 020 shaker is that it comes in several color variants. Use the link above to see all color options of the shaker. Further, it has a bottom compartment to store your protein supplement and a specially crafted strainer to smoothly mix your powder with liquid. Above all, the included hook lets you easily suspend the shaker bottle on your backpack or bicycle while you are on the move.

Notable Features

  • 500ML Capacity Shaker Blender.
  • Snap-on Power Blender with Storage Box.
  • BPA-Free and Durable Design.
  • Attractive Design and Available in Multiple Colors.

2. Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ML

Fed up with unmixed lumps of powder in your protein shakes? Rest assured that this Strauss Spider shaker is a cool solution for perfectly mixing your protein shake or smoothies. Sure, you can focus on your workouts or games with no worry about the mixing of your supplements. It is a high-quality 500-ml shaker with a patented fix ball wire that quickly and effectively mixes up your protein shakes inside.

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ML

Amazingly, it is a revolutionary protein shaker with a host of brilliant features. See, As you see in the pic, it is up with two compartments to store protein powder, snacks, fruits, or vitamin tablets. The bottom compartment is capable to hold 70 grams of powder. Above all, the shaker is microwave and freezer-safe at the same time.

That is, you can instantly heat your soup in an oven and chill your drinks in a freezer without moving content to other bowls. Well, you get the shaker in multiple colors. Check out the link above to see all the variants.

Notable Features

  • 500ML Stylish Shaker Bottle.
  • Leak-Proof and Quality Design.
  • Patented Loop Top and Good Flip Cap.
  • Storage and Pill Container.

3. My 60 Minutes Gym Shaker Bottle

Here comes another wonderful shaker bottle from My 60 Minutes Group. It is a team of innovative engineers and athletes who want to revolutionize the market of shaker bottles in the country. Of course, it is one cool product of My 60 Minutes team as well as one of the best gym shaker bottles in India. Specs wise, it is again a 500-ml protein shaker with multiple compartments for storing your powder or other food supplements.

My 60 Minutes Gym Shaker Bottle

According to customers, it is a well-built protein shaker. Made of good quality plastic, it is indeed perfect for mixing your nutritional and supplementary drinks. The included spring whisker ensures better mixing of the powder with no lumps. Further, you have it with two compartments that will help you carry supplements anywhere you go. It comes in different colors and customer feedback is not bad, of course.

Notable Features

  • 500ML Ideal Gym Shaker Bottle.
  • Dual Storage Compartments.
  • Leak-Proof and Quality Design.
  • Featuring Motivational Logos.

4. iShake Model 020 Shaker Bottle

It is another popular protein shaker from iShake. You could mix your protein or other supplements very well in it by eliminating all lumps. It is a 500-ml shaker made with good quality plastic. Well, it touts BPA-free plastic and an anti-leak technology. Like all similar products, it comes up with a storage compartment so you could store some protein powder for mixing at the gym or on the move. It is available in multiple variants.

Inside the shaker has a whisk steel wire ball. That is enough to whip around your powder inside to get the best results from your supplementary drinks. The shaker is also microwave and dishwasher-safe. iShake sells this in a number of attractive colors, by the way. Use the link above to have a look at all variants of the bottle.

Notable Features

  • 500ML Protein Shaker Bottle.
  • Snap-on Power Blender and a Storage Box.
  • Easy-to-Clean and Easy-to-Use.
  • Durable Build and BPA-Free Design.

5. My Shake Black Smart Protein Shaker

The next pick in our list of best gym shaker bottles in India comes from My Shake. This 600-ml shaker is BPA-free and highly durable for portable use. Simply, you can store your protein powder, snacks, fruits, and other food supplements in its multiple compartments. And carry it anywhere to a gym or outdoor sports events, mix your energy drink and sip instantly. Use the link below to order a unit of My Shake black smart shaker.

My Shake Black Smart Protein Shaker

Inside the shaker has a surgical-grade stainless steel spiral to mix your powder perfectly with the liquid. So you could enjoy sipping completely clump-less energy drink using the My Shake bottle. Moreover, the bottle touts a pair of compartments in the bottom. One compartment has a pill organizer so you can arrange your vitamin tablets and other pills neatly. It is certainly one of the leading protein shakers in terms of customer reviews.

Notable Features

  • 450ML Gym Shaker Bottle.
  • Durable and Freezer Safe,
  • Multiple Containers for Storage.
  • Perfect for Runners, Joggers, and Campers.

6. iShake Dynamize 3-in-1 Shaker Bottle

What about a fully transparent shaker? This iShake Dynamize shaker is made of high-quality polycarbonate and BPA-free plastic so you get a cool transparent bottle for protein mixing. It is, in fact, a 700-ml shaker with a steel wire ball that is perfectly crafted to eliminate lumps. So you get a smooth shake of protein out of this. It also includes a compartment to let you take protein powder to the gym or outdoor sports locations.

iShake Dynamize 3-in-1 Shaker Bottle

The best part with the iShake protein shaker is that it is compatible with hot and cold waters. That is why it is called as a 3-in-1 shaker. You can use hot water less than 50 degrees Celsius in it for mixing or other purposes. Moreover, it has got an anti-leak technology. The stylish protein shaker comes for an affordable price. Though not a popular model, it has got decent customer feedback. Use the link above to order a unit of the shaker.

Notable Features

  • 700ML Gym Shaker Bottle.
  • Fully Transparent Design.
  • Pill Organizer.
  • Perfect for Lump-Free Shake.
  • Quality Plastic and Stylish Design.

7. Fitkit Classic Shaker Bottle 700ML

Here comes another top-seller protein shaker in Indian stores. Fitkit’s shaker is a 700-ml unit that stands out with an innovative Mixer Ball wire whisk. Well, the whisk strongly whips around inside the shaker so that your protein shake or smoothie comes out highly consistent. Just put the ingredients into the bottle and shake it well. Of course, the bottle is made of highly durable and BPA-free food-grade plastic.Fitkit Classic Shaker Bottle 700ML

By the way, being a 700-ml bottle, it is also nice for carrying drinking water when you are on the go. The ideal size lets you fill enough water in it to stay hydrated while you are on cycling or camping. The shaker touts an advanced design that helps you open the lid with an easy push of the bottom. With good popularity in retail stores, it is indeed one of the best gym shaker bottles in India for an awesome price.

Notable Features

  • 700ML Protein Shaker Bottle.
  • The Mixer Ball Wire Whisk.
  • Leak-Proof and Highly Insulated.
  • Durable Profile and Stylish Design.

8. ZED Electric Automatic Vortex Protein Shaker

It is an entirely unique protein shake mixer. A battery powered motor in the base helps create a Vortex inside the bottle exactly like a regular juice mixer. So you can prepare your post-workout protein shake or fruit juices quite easily anywhere you want. Fine, the Fitster5 electric shaker bottle is made of good grade acrylic, BPA-free plastic. It is highly durable and lightweight so it is perfect for portable uses.

ZED Electric Automatic Vortex Protein Shaker

Coming to more specs, it is a 500-ml shaker. The best part with the model is its motorized automatic function. Indeed, that will be a great advantage for bodybuilders as they can operate it anywhere in home, office, or gym. You don’t need to shake your heart out to get your smoother protein drink. By the way, a downside is that the shaker doesn’t have a compartment for storage. Use the link above to buy a unit of the shaker.

Notable Features

  • Battery Powered Automatic Protein Blender.
  • Perfect for Quick Mixing of Your Supplements. 
  • Transparent Bottle and Stylish Design.

9. Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker

Fitkit’s 500-ml shaker is one of another best gym shaker bottles in India. It comes up with multiple storage containers including one pill organizer. That is, you can store protein powder, snacks, supplements, pills, and vitamin tablets in different trays. Meanwhile, the included metal whisk lets mix your protein shake perfectly. If you like this shaker bottle use the link below to order one from Amazon.in.

Fitkit has crafted the shaker in BPA-free food-grade recyclable plastic. Amazingly, it is microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe. So you can easily manage the bottle to prepare different nutritional drinks and supplements. Further, the bottle comes with clear measurement scales with markings in ounce and ml. Also, it includes a carabiner hook so that it is easy to suspend the bottle on your backpack or bicycle while on the move.

Notable Features

  • Stylish 500ML Protein Mixer Bottle.
  • BPA-Free Food-Grade Recyclable Plastic.
  • Metal Whisk Inside to Mix Powder Well.
  • Perfect for Gym Goers, Campers, and etc. 

10. Fitster5 Moto Shaker Electric Blender Bottle

The last but not least comes up Fister5’s Moto Shaker Blender Bottle. It is again a motorized shaker as its name suggests. Well, you get it with a powerful motor in its base that offers an output of 11,000-16,000 RPM. That is capable to form a vortex inside the BPA-free bottle to get rid of all clumps and lumps in your protein shake. The motor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which you can charge via a USB charger.Fitster5 Moto Shaker Blender Bottle

The best part with the motor shaker is its lightweight design, by the way. Fine, it is 20% slimmer than standard gym shakers so it is very easy to take in your trips to the gym or any outdoor sports events. Fitster5 has built it in the acrylic glass with quality lids in stainless steel. It is also very easy to clean and its managing is also simple as it works on a motor. You don’t need to shake it by hand, just push a button on the base to start mixing.

Notable Features

  • Battery-Powered Electric Protein Shaker Bottle.
  • 450ML Shaker with a Transparent Profile.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Perfect for Blending a Large Quantity of Supplement. 

Why a Protein Shaker Bottle?

  • Blends Your Protein Supplements Well and Removes Clumps.
  • Helps You Carry the Protein Supplements to the Gym.
  • Helps You Store Vitamin Tablets and Protein Powder.

How to Use a Protein Shaker?

This is quite easy to use a protein shaker to mix your supplements. A protein shaker is just a bottle with some mixers, spokes, and filter. They help perfectly blend the protein powder with water or milk inside the bottle. Usually, you get the bottle with a tight lid and often a drinking spout. So, the drink wouldn’t leak while shaking and you could drink the smooth shake easily. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use a protein shaker.

1. Fill the Bottle with the Liquid

The very first step is to pour the desired liquid into the bottle. You could use water, milk or juice as per your preference and diet plan. Make sure you measure the liquid using the marked measurements on the bottle.

2. Add the Powder to the Bottle

Fine, the next step is to add the protein supplement to the bottle. You get a measuring cup in all packaged protein supplements. So, it is easy to add the required amount of powder into the bottle. Ensure you add the liquid first and powder later to prevent the powder from clumping on the bottom.

3. Tighten the Lid

Next, tighten the bottle lid in a way it snaps in place. So, it wouldn’t come off during the blending.

4. Blend it Well

It is time for blending. Shake the bottle up and down strongly for a few moments. That is all. You have your protein shake ready.

5. Clean the Shaker Well

After having the drink, never forget to clean the shaker well. If you leave it unclean, bacteria will build up in the inaccessible crannies of the shaker bottle. It would also be smelling very badly after a few hours.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best gym shaker bottles in India. Indeed, there is an awesome variety of shakers in stores. We have picked some of the top sellers from all leading categories of gym shakers out there. That is why, our list includes at least one pick from different product sizes, styles, and prices ranges. Hope you could find the best pick from our list of gym shaker bottles and stay more healthy and powerful with better intake of your protein shakes and other supplementary drinks.

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