Cockatoo is a key fitness brand in India. It sells different styles of dumbbells that are friendly for home gyms. Of course, dumbbells are important parts of a strength training program. They help you perform the suitable workouts for all major muscles of the body. Well, we would like to cover the best-selling Cockatoo dumbbells in this article. So, you can easily find the best sets of dumbbells for your home, office, or professional gyms.

Cockatoo Dumbbells

Best Cockatoo Dumbbells

A dumbbell, as you know, is a metal bar with a weight at two ends. Basically, a dumbbell is made of metal, but the new models have either rubber or vinyl covering for better handling experience. Typically, you need a pair of dumbbells for most workouts. Whether it is for biceps, triceps, forearms or shoulders, a set of dumbbells is a must-have for all basic workouts.

By the way, there is actually no difference between various dumbbell sets except the aesthetic ones. Function-wise, all dumbbells are the same as long as they don’t have any technical components. Coming to Cockatoo dumbells, we have some interesting variants of color, materials, and styles. We explore all the models below.

1. Cockatoo Rubber-coated Hex Dumbbells

This is actually a line of common hexagonal dumbbells. You get these Cockatoo dumbbells in different weights starting from 1KG to 35KG. So you can easily find the required weight sets as per your needs for an affordable price. As you see, you get these dumbbells with thick rubber coating. Hence, they won’t make any damage to the floor even if you place them strongly. Check out the link below to see all sets of the hex dumbbells.

Check Price and Buy @ Cockatoo Rubber-coated Hex Dumbbells

The metal handlebar in between the rubber-coated weights touts secure ridged grip. That ensures you grip the dumbbells strongly without falling down accidentally. Anyway, these hex dumbbells are highly popular in gyms across the country. However, they are also much recommended for home use. They are relatively cheaper and you get very strong and long lasting sets of dumbbells.

2. Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells

These are other popular Cockatoo dumbbells. As you see, different from the above series, it features rounded weights at the two ends. Moreover, the dumbbells feature single-mold construction with rubber coating over the end weights. Well, the single-mold build ensures better stability and balance in your workouts. Like the above hexagonal dumbbells, you get this line in different weight options starting from 2.5KG to 50KG. Use the link below to check out all weight options of the Cockatoo round dumbbells.

Check Price and Buy @ Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells

Made of single-mold, these dumbbells are more durable, of course. There is less chance for issues like decay and disintegration. That is why several fitness experts recommend these dumbbells for home or office fitness rooms. Well, coming to the popularity, these Cockatoo dumbbells absolutely have an edge over other models. This series has a lot of takers on Indian market with a good star rating on all leading retail sites like Amazon. So you can buy these stylishly-rounded dumbbells for your home use with no second thought.

3. Cockatoo Vinyl PVC Dumbbells

What about some colorful dumbbells? It would be a rather pleasing experience to do your routine workouts with these colorful PVC-coated Cockatoo dumbbells. Different from both the above dumbbells, these models have iron sand inside, not complete metal molding. However, you get them in different weight options that are enough for home and office, ranging from 0.5KG to 5KG. Yes, the colorful dumbbells are not good for gyms.

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Its outer color is not just for style. You get different colors for different weight sets. So it will be easy for you to find the right weight sets for your workouts. By the way, coming in low-weight options, these dumbbells are perfect for ladies, children, and elderly people. Of course, there are a lot of takers for these colorful dumbbells. You can check out the link above to see the price and color and weight options of the Cockatoo dumbbells.

4. Cockatoo Adjustable Dumbbells

It is yet another popular dumbbell set from the brand. If you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast you can go for adjustable dumbbell sets. These Cockatoo dumbbells, as you can see, don’t come in single molds. What you get are a pair of 14-in dumbbell rods with tighteners and weight plates. The rods here highlight a diameter of 29mm and the hole diameter of the rubber-coated weights is 33m. So it is easy for you to set up dumbbells as per your needs for every workout session. Check the link below to buy the sets.

Check Price and Buy @ Cockatoo Adjustable Dumbbells

Currently, you have two sets of the adjustable Cockatoo dumbbells on the market; 5KG and 20KG. The first one has two units of the rod and four pieces of 1.25KG weights. And the second one also has two rods and four 5KG weights. So you can set up your own dumbbells with the required weights easily. Many other brands also sell different adjustable dumbbell kits. Anyway, these Cockatoo kits are very popular among the fitness enthusiasts in India.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Cockatoo dumbbells you could buy from the Indian market. We have covered all popular categories of the dumbbells from the brand. So hope you can find the best sets of dumbbells for your home or office gym. Different customers have different options to pick from our list. By the way, all the models we have on our list are very popular ones on the market. Hence, it will be easy for you to go for the best Cocaktoo dumbbels. EquipmentGeneral FitnessCockatoo is a key fitness brand in India. It sells different styles of dumbbells that are friendly for home gyms. Of course, dumbbells are important parts of a strength training program. They help you perform the suitable workouts for all major muscles of the body. Well, we would like...Your Trusted Fitness Companion