Are you worried about missing your gym sessions when you are on the move? Here is a brilliant solution from a Kerala start-up called Sushi Technologies. This is Broid gym app. It is an amazing way to help you get access to the gym sessions anywhere by paying only for the particular slots of workouts. Clearly, the mobile app lets you carry out your workouts in any Broid-affiliated gym adjacent to you across Kerala.

Broid Gym App

With the app, you don’t need to take conventional gym membership and pay the advance payment in any gym that is affiliated to the Broid gym app. Well, you could just do the workouts on a pay-and-use model and make sure your workout habit is not broken. Currently, Broid offers the service in Kerala only. The team behind the app is indeed working to expand the service to the national and international markets as well.

The Broid gym app is an incredible solution for fitness freaks. Anybody who follows the gym workout as part of their lifestyle will love it, for sure. You just need to install the app to easily locate the registered fitness centers anywhere you head to. You could quickly purchase the slots for one or more days and keep going with your workout habits along with your business travels or pleasure trips.

Broid Gym App – All to Know About

The Broid app comes in two ends; Broid user and Broid partner. As a user, you have a user-friendly mobile app for both the Android and iPhone platforms. This is also available on a website. You could just give your contact and personal information to sign into the network. You are quickly directed to the dashboard where you could find out the nearby gyms, their photos, the distance from your location, charges, and more.

Broid gym mobile app

The mobile app is very user-friendly. You could buy one or more slots for workouts in any of the listed gyms in a matter of time. It also integrates a Brocash perk program that offers you Rs. 50 bonus on sign-up. There is also an option to store some of your fitness-related information and other vitals. That will certainly make your workout experience with the Broid gym app more interesting.

Meanwhile, the Broid partner is the end where a gym owner or trainer could manage the things. So, for a gym owner, it is quite easy to manage their “workout guests” and provide them with the best training and care.

Broid Gym App – The Story and Challenges

The team behind the Broid gym app has designed it to meet the needs of the fitness freaks who are on regular moving. As per Sumith Kumar, the CEO of Sushi Technologies, Broid gym app would certainly help your “work not mess up your workouts and workout not your work.” That is the way they have come up with the project to let you enjoy flexible per-day gym workout facilities at no membership fee.

What you get is a chance to carry out your workouts at premium gyms at the extremely affordable prices. Mr. Sumith says that they had a spark on this project as he couldn’t himself continue workouts during the travels as part of his job. Hailing from a middle-class family, he couldn’t afford the huge advance payments of a gym to keep the workout habits for a few days on a tour.

Coming to challenges, Mr. Shihab Ali, the COO of Sushi, says they were not equipped to offer the technological support for the project as they both emerged from the sales and service sector. Well, they easily managed it by outsourcing the development part. And the Kerala Start-Up mission came forward in support of them to tackle the followed financial shortage, added Mr. Shihab.

Broid Gym App – How It Works

As put it above, you get Broid gym app for both Android and iPhone. Also, it has got a website. You need to install the app from your phone’s app store. After, just sign up your profile with the personal and contact information. That is all that you need to do to start using the service.

Broid gym mobile app - how it works

As you have turned on your location, the app would show the adjacent affiliated gyms, their photos, rating, distance, price, and other details. Meanwhile, inside the individual page of the gym, you get the details about the available amenities, gym schedule, contact number, email ID, website URL, and session timing, and etc.

Find the best gym and book your slot. If you are staying outside for more than one day, you could surely book for multiple slots. For each booking, you get some Brocash as a bonus. So, you would certainly get a good deal while booking a workout slot in a premium gym anywhere in Kerala.

Download the Broid Gym App for Android and iPhone. Also, check out their Website at Broid.In.

What Are Special

1. Perfect Gym Fitness App for Travellers

Of course, it is one of the rare gym fitness services for the fitness freaks in India. It comes out to be a perfect solution for those who have to travel a lot. If you don’t stay in a hotel with the gym facility, you will be missing your regular gym sessions while on the go. It is here you could enjoy gym workouts in any city affordably.

2. Handy and Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Certainly, you get a highly user-friendly gym mobile app. Though it has got a website, you could use the app on your phone anywhere. You could easily find the best gym for your regular workouts, check out the customer reviews, book your slots, and make the payment in a matter of time.

3. Premium Unisex Gyms

Yes, the Broid gym app has associated with only premium unisex gym and fitness centers. Hence, you get the best facilities in all the gyms you book through the app. However, you will have to pay extra charges for the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, and other additional facilities including personal training.

4. Popular Destinations

The Broid gym app currently lists multiple premium gyms in all the popular destination in Kerala. They include Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Calicut, and Kannur. The team behind the app is working extensively to add more gyms from more locations. Also, they look to expand their services all over the country in the future.

What Are Not Special

Currently, launched officially in March 2019, you don’t have enough number of gyms listed in the Broid gym app. Only the top gyms in the major cities of Kerala are available for booking, as of now. As we know, the team behind the app is working restlessly to add more gyms that maintain their quality standards.

Final Thoughts

The Broid gym app is absolutely an awesome concept. It is really unimaginable for a fitness freak to stay away from his/her routine workouts for a few days. But while on the move, it has been impossible for anybody to find a way to perform the regular workouts. Of course, top-starred hotels would have a high-tech gym. But for someone who travels on a budget, the Broid is a cool choice.

Anyway, the Broid gym app is indeed a new project. It is still to attract a lot of gyms as affiliates and users. The team behind the app is also working to expand the service to an international audience following its success in Kerala and India. Hope you have enjoyed our take on the app. Share your thoughts about the product below. InitiativesGeneral FitnessAre you worried about missing your gym sessions when you are on the move? Here is a brilliant solution from a Kerala start-up called Sushi Technologies. This is Broid gym app. It is an amazing way to help you get access to the gym sessions anywhere by paying only...Your Trusted Fitness Companion