I used to hit the gym in mornings. That is the most convenient time for me as I have to spend quality time with kids after work. But some busy morning work schedules recently put me to choose evenings for a week. Really, I happened to experience an entirely new feeling to work out in evening. Yes, I found myself more physically fit for my routine workouts. That is why I would like to have a look at the best time for gym workout here.

Best Time for Gym Workout

Best Time for Gym Workout – Morning Vs Evening

Searching on web for the right time for gym, I came to see a severe argument on the topic. Some people claim it would be fine for them to head to the gym in mornings. While another group thinks they would feel good at gym after 6:00 PM only, because they could hit the gym with a loose and stretched body then. The fact is that the best time for gym workout depends on two things mainly; your body rhythm and your schedule.

Why Evening is the Best Time

Several studies have identified that people get better result in the evening at the gym. What do you think are the main reasons for that? What I feel is that in the evening your body is already warm and physically fit. After an active day, your body doesn’t need longtime warm-ups to energize your muscles and fluids. Anyway, let us check some of the most popular reasons why evening is the best time for gym workout.

Best Time for Gym Workouts

1. Body is Physically Prepared

Yes, it comes as the first thing. A study says human muscles tend to peak afternoon. Clearly, your muscles are 6% stronger than what they have been in morning. What’s more, they are 20% more flexible too. Hence, what you simply get is a better workout experience. Without worry, you could make into hard workout sessions with no much preparation in form of stretching, cardiovascular exercises, and overall warm-ups.

While you do hard workouts, your lungs are busy working to provide your fresh air. What about more efficient lungs for gym sessions? Cool, then evening is again the best time for gym workout. The study shows that your lungs work around 18% more efficiently after 5 pm than at noon. Overall, you get a more fit and fresh body for evening so that I suggest evening as the best time for all those who mainly focus on muscle building.

2. Spend More Time at Gym

Most people typically have nothing to do at home after work hours. They just sit lazily in front of TV or spend time with friends. What about utilizing this long interval for workouts? That is the next important reason why you should prefer evening as the best time for gym workout sessions. In the morning, you may have limited time for relaxed workouts. You will by in a hurry to go to workplace or anywhere you have something to do.

Absolutely, that makes you spend quality time at gym in evenings. You could go long hours taking enough time for stretches, cardio sessions, intervals in between the sets, and final stretching. Since you are more energetic and fit afternoon, you could indeed burn more calories as well. And so easily go ahead to gain strong muscles faster since you could concentrate much on each part with no hurry at all.

3. End your Day in a Happy Mood

Won’t you love to spend quality time with your gym mates after tough work hours? Yes, along with making you physically fit, evening workouts make your mind strong as well. Fitness center, as you know, is one of the best common places you could meet with public and socialize. Above all, workouts itself make you energetic and stress-free after a hectic day in the office. Indeed, it could be a booster for both your mind and body alike.

Best Time for Gym Workout Morning or Evening

Why Evening is Bad for Workouts

Do you have kids waiting for you after office hours? Sadly, you might miss the chance to hit at gym in evenings, then. Also, you couldn’t make into the gym everyday in evening if you have got some overtime work. Scope for distraction is high, as well. After work, you might quickly plan a movie or dine-out with friends or family. If you don’t mind all those barriers, you may fed up with the crowded gym afternoon. Mostly, you will have two times more people at gym in evenings compared to mornings. So you should fight with crowd for elbow room.

Best Time for Gym Workout Dumbbells

Why Morning is the Best Time

Are you a visitor to gym in morning? There are indeed many things that make morning workout the coolest, of course. One of the first pluses, I think, of morning workout is that you get a chance to go familiar with the habit of waking up early. Check out more reasons why morning is the best time for gym workout sessions below.

1. Start with a Fresh Mind and Body

Yes, as note above, you could start your day with a fresh mind and body. You get up everyday early and head to the gym. What happens in this routine is that you start waking up early in morning. Hope you know how the habit of early wake-ups help boost our overall life. In my case, I get up at 4.00 AM and move to gym at around 5:30 with around an hour of quality time to check mails, website statistics, and other reports of the night.

2. Keep Energy for Rest of the Day

Do you know how workout in morning lets boost your energy levels for the entire day. Absolutely, it gives you “mental alertness and sharpness,” says Dr. Cedric Bryant of American Council of Exercise. Regular workout in morning is indeed the coolest solution to raise up your endorphin levels for the whole day.

See, how I mange to keep my energy levels after a day’s workout. I could only sleep a  maximum of six hours during night, because of work and tight schedules. Hence, after workouts for two hours, I will naturally go very tired by noon. But a one-hour nap makes me extra fresh and sharp to continue the works for rest of the day. Remember I have my own office since I work as a freelance writer 🙂

3. Calm and Crowd-free Ambiance

Won’t you enjoy workout in a calm and crowd-free ambiance? Surely, this is what one of another main benefits of hitting the gym early morning. Very few guys turn up in gyms at that time. So you could take your own time and enjoy enough elbow room for each workout. And coming to climate as well, you could do the workouts in a warm condition even if it was simmering summer in your location.

4. Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts

Are you going to gym to cut weight and boost fitness? Then, I think morning is the best slot for you to do the workouts like cardiovascular exercises. See, working out on a empty stomach increases fat burning. Since you leave no calorie for morning, body naturally uses up your fat reserves, which end up in losing the weight. But workouts on empty belly is not recommended for all people. I personally find it very difficult to work out with nothing in stomach, because that would end up things in gas trouble by evening.

Best Time for Gym Workout Morning

Why Morning is Bad for Workouts

Why do you think morning is not the best time for gym workout? Primarily, if you are a person that loves to stay in bed in early hours of the day, you will find it hard to wake up for morning sessions. No doubt, it is not easy for all to wake up early morning on a recurring basis. Second, as noted above, you must do longer warm-ups to make your body fit for carrying weights especially when you are a bodybuilder enthusiast.

Best Time for Gym Workouts Morning or Evening

Final Thoughts

Several studies have actually made efforts to find the best time for gym workout. I have prepared this article with inputs from many such sources, except from my experience at gym for the last two years. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you are a regular visitor to gym, I think, this would help you much to hit the gym at the best time for gym workout sessions. Make your comments about the topic below if you have something to add to it.

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