A gym station is a machine that lets you carry out multiple workouts comfortably. Of course, it becomes a cool way for a mini home gym to have a multi-station. We have a wide range of home gym stations on the market in India. We would like to invite your attention to some of the coolest models. So it will be easy for you to find the best of the best home gym stations. And easy to go for your favorite model with no much hassle at all.

Best Home Gym Stations

Best Home Gym Stations

In a fitness center, there is indeed a machine for every part of your body. Of course, you can’t afford that many machines in a home gym. Even if you afford, you can’t have enough space to accommodate them all. But do you still need to enrich your home gym with facilities for multi workouts like chest press, leg press, butterflies, and etc? And don’t want to stick to only a treadmill or fitness bike. Then, you must get one of the best home gym stations below. Simply, they act like multi gym stations for various workouts in your home fitness center.

1. Lifeline HG Square Home Gym

Here comes the second pick in our list of best home gym stations. This multi-exercise machine is good for 18 different workouts that are essentials of your rigorous gym workouts. As you see, this LifeLine machine offers the facilities for a range of workouts for your legs and chest. You could do chest extensions, high pull, low pull, peck-deck and etc. You could extend legs before and after a rigorous leg workout session. Indeed, what makes this machine cool is its quality build. LifeLine has used 2-in heavy-duty square steel tubes for its making.                                                   Check Price and Buy @ Lifeline HG Square Home Gym

It is not, however, a big machine. It takes less room for installation. Moreover, with its build quality, it looks a good pick for not only home but also a fitness center. LifeLine also claims that it has made the machine with a no-cable-change style. So it seems that its cable won’t break quickly. And so, you could keep pumping up your chest and leg muscles for pretty long time on this superb multi-gym home station.

2. Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym – 2 Weight Lines

It is one of the best home gym stations LifeLine has been selling in India for a while. As you see, it is a versatile gym station with facility for many complete gym workouts. You could perform almost all essential workouts for your chest, leg, triceps, and etc with this full-fledged home gym station from LifeLine. Of course, it is costs a bit higher. Let us check what are the main workout options it offers for you; butterflies, leg squat, hip flexor, push-ups, leg extension, leg curl, biceps curls, shoulder press, chest press, and etc.                                                        Check Price and Buy @ Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym

Simply, this machine is a whole gym. You could do all basic gym workouts at home if you have this. Don’t worry about its price, because LifeLine has made it highly durable and rugged. It could bear a weight of 120 kgs. And you have superior grip and excellent finish for the compact home gym workout station. Do you think you need this advanced workout machine? Surely, you and your family could enjoy all gym benefits at home.

3. Cockatoo HG-02 Professional Home Gym Station

It is another full-fledged home gym station. This Cockatoo machine is one of the best-sellers of its kind on the market. Again, you could do all essential gym workouts with it at home. Before moving to other features, let us check what workouts this machine supports. Mainly, you could perform leg extensions, lat pull downs, triceps extension and pushdowns, butterflies, shoulder girdle, abs workout in decline, and arm curls. That is, it helps you carry out all important workouts that are otherwise possible only in a large fitness center.

Check Price and Buy @ Cockatoo HG-2 Professional Home Gym Station

This home gym station supports a person weighing 120 kg. And coming to its weight stack, it comes with 10 stacks of 10 LBS each. Of course, you will love to have such an advanced gym home station in your home. If you are a serious workout enthusiast and have less time to spend at the gym, this is absolutely the coolest way to go for. It looks that this product has also attracted good customer rating and reviews on various retail sites.

4. Kobo MHG-1002 Multi Home Gym

It is the penultimate one on our list of best home gym stations. It is a single weight stack machine that is quite good for various gym workouts like butterflies, lat pull downs, chest press, and etc. As you might know, Kobo is a leading brand in selling fitness machines in India. Of course, this equipment is one of largely acclaimed home gym stations. Made of 45mm heavy duty steel, it is very compact and durable. And as a gym station, you could install it in your home, health club, and fitness centers.                                                       Check Price and Buy @ Kobo MHG-1002 Multi Home Gym

The Kobo multi-workout equipment supports a person with weight up to 120 kg. Coming to stack weight, it has an overall 544 kg with 12 stacks of 10 lbs each. Certainly, that is quite enough for you to set it up as a primary workout station in your residence. You could keep working out every day as you were in a full-fledged fitness center. And pump up your important body muscles at your comfort and time schedule at home.

5. Paramount 8-in-1 Gym Machine for Chest Exercises

As you see, it is a simple multi-purpose workout bench that lets you perform eight workouts. With barbell and weights, you can try all chest workout positions – flat, decline and incline. For leg, you can do leg extension and leg curl to strengthen your important leg muscles. Other workouts you can try are the butterfly, chest press, and dips. Overall, this small machine comes out to be a perfect gym station for several workouts.                                                          Check Price and Buy @ Paramount 8-in-1 Gym Machine

Come to its build, it is strong enough to support a person weighing as much as 100 kg. And you could carry a weight of 120 kg while working out. Of course, that is a good range for all normal fitness geeks. It is made of strong 2 x 2 in iron pipes and it touts advanced MIG welding technique for a stronger build. To ensure your safety and comfort, it comes up with smoothed edges and a high-quality PU seating.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best home gym stations. If you have been looking to buy a gym station, it would be the best time. We have introduced you to the top selling machines in Indian market currently. We haven’t mentioned the prices of the machines in the article. However, you could check them by clicking on the given Amazon buttons. Hope you know that they are Amazon affiliate links to the best home gym stations.

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