Are you thinking to set up a fitness center in your home or office? We have a variety of best home gym sets on the Indian market today. As you know, the Indian fitness market is exploring quite faster. And if you are with short of time to visit a gym every day, the simplest way to manage your workouts is to set up a cool home gym. As per your budget, you could find some gym equipment and give focus on many ground workouts.

Best Home Gym Sets

5 Best Home Gym Sets in Indian Market

As you see, it is not easy to list out the best home gym sets. Certainly, it is because there is a massive variety of gym equipment on the market. From treadmills to dumbbell sets, most items are, in fact, suitable for home use as well. But who can afford all advanced gym machines? We have compiled our list based on the count of reviews the home gym sets have received on Amazon. Hope you could find one favorite item from our list.

1. Body Maxx 50KG Home Gym Set

It is indeed one of affordable and the best home gym sets out there. You could try it as a basic home workout kit. All customers of this Body Maax kit are not much impressed of its performance, though. Some customers have complained that rubber parts of the weights peel off after a while. And the barbell locks and dumbbell tighteners are a bit loose as well. However, considering it as a basic home gym equipment, it works quite nice. Of course, it serves the essential purpose of workouts at home.

body maxx 50 kg home gym set

Let us check out what all this home gym kit has packed up. First, as you see, it has three sets of rubber-coated weight plates. The larger pair is of 10 kgs each, while other sets of four each are of 5 kgs and 2.5 kgs. Overall, you get 50 kgs. You could lift these weights on a pair of included rods; two 14-in dumbbell rods and one 3-feet curl bar. All needed locks and tighteners are there. In addition, you get a pair of gloves and hand grippers.

2. Generic Home Gym Combo 20KG

Here is the next combination of best home gym sets for cool in-house workouts. It is from Generic and it has a host of essential gym equipment pieces for your daily exercises. Hope you will love to see what was included in this kit. First, it is a 20KG bundle. That is, you have weight plates weighing at a total of 20 kgs. Thus, it packs up eight pieces of total weight discs with four 3 kgs and as many 2 kgs. You have three types of rods. They are a 5-feet plain barbell, a 3-feet curl variant, and a pair of dumbbell rods with all required locks.generic home gym combo 20kg

What’s more, you have a pair of gloves, hand grippers, and a skipping rope. However, before buying this, let me tell something about the customer feedback it has received. On various retail sites, I came across some common customer complaints including thinness of the bars. Also, the lockers are reportedly kind of slippery. Whatever, it looks yet another cool home gym kit that you could get for an affordable price. And make your home a comfortable place for all basic workouts.

3. Kore Home Gym Set 20KG

It is again a 20KG home gym kit. Coming to the items in the kit, they are exactly like what we have in the above Generic kit. Clearly, we have four units of the two weight variants of the rubber-coated plates; 2 kgs and 4 kgs. Along with it comes three types of rods; one plain, one curled, and a pair of dumbbell sticks. You could mount the weights on the bars to form different combinations to ensure better workout for your biceps and triceps. Above all, you get one pair of gloves, hand grippers, and a skipping rope.kore home gym set 20 kg

Coming to customer response, this Kore kit looks quite cool. Though some customers have raised complaints about the bad smell of the rubber plates, most look happy with the items in the kit. Well, about the cleanness of the dumbbells, you should take better care, anyways. You could use a piece of cloth to cleanse the rubber plates as they develop a type of white fungus, especially when you don’t use them for a long time. Overall, this looks to be one of the best home gym sets you could own on a budget.

4. Kore Combo 16 Leather Home Gym Kit 50KG

Do you need only dumbbells for your home gym? Here you have Kore’s Combo 16 kit with only dumbbells and rods. It is, in fact, a bundle of two weight sizes of dumbbells. They are actually the same pieces of stuff you get in above Kore kit. Follow the button below to order a unit of the dumbbell set for your home gym.kore combo 16 leather home gym kit 50 kg

Clearly, you get four units of 3 kg plates and as many 2 kg weights to total at 20 kg overall. Coming to rods, they are 14-inch units with metal nuts for holding the weights strongly as you work out. This kit suits best for someone, who needs to add extra dumbbells to the home gym.

5. GoFiTPro 50KG Home Gym Kit

It is the rich one in our list of the best home gym sets. So is the costliest one naturally. Along with usual items, it packs a 20-in multi-purpose home gym bench. Amazingly, you could utilize the bench for different workouts like triceps, biceps, leg extension, chest press and twister workouts in decline, incline and flat positions. Wanna try this gym kit in your home? You could enjoy perfect daily workouts without visiting a gym.GoFiTPrO 50 kg home gym kit

Besides gym bench, the 50KG GoFiTPro kit includes several pieces of rubber plates in different weights. You have a pair of 10 kg weights, four 5 kg units, and four 2.5 kg units. Plus, it has a 1.3-feet curl rod, a 2.5-feet plain rod, and two dumbbell rods with all needed locks. What’s more, it has a skipping rope, a pair of gloves, and hand grippers. Overall, it becomes one of the best home gym sets with a host of the basic workout items. EquipmentGeneral FitnessAre you thinking to set up a fitness center in your home or office? We have a variety of best home gym sets on the Indian market today. As you know, the Indian fitness market is exploring quite faster. And if you are with short of time to visit...Your Trusted Fitness Companion