Fitness band market in India is indeed rich with fantastic devices. We have a variety of brilliant models from top brands as well as small-time makers out there. Are you a fitness geek? And have you tried a fitness band? If no, it is high time you should try out one now. It simply monitors your vitals including quality of sleep, heart beat, and step counts, and etc. Below we have a list of ten best fitness bands in India.


Best Fitness Bands in India

You might be working out daily at the gym. Or jogging in evenings or mornings. Great! Won’t it be a nice idea to have a device to monitor your basic workouts? Certainly, that would be a big step towards a healthy life. See, the better you monitor your workouts, the faster you improve with your fitness and diet habits.

Sure, it is always a great thing to buy a brilliant fitness tracker. But getting into the market to buy one, we are certain you might be confused. Really, you will be in the sea of fitness trackers out there. Our guide of best fitness bands in India will indeed help you find out the best one.

We will show you the best of the best fitness bands money can buy in Indian market. And will further show you how each item ranks in terms of unique features, design, quality, and affordability. Stay tuned with us to have a look at the best fitness bands in India. Hopefully, you can pick the best fitness tracker worth the money you invest in from our list below.

1. Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker

We begin the list with an awesome model from Boltt. This slim and stylish fitness tracker called Beat HR is one of the best fitness bands in India. As it maker boasts off, Beat HR converges three great things; style, fashion, and technology. Plus, it comes for an affordable price along with exclusive subscription to Boltt’s much-touted Personalized Health and Fitness guide for different months.

Being a regular exerciser, you will always love to monitor how your body responds to your activities. Absolutely, a perfect fitness tracker like Beat HR will bring to you what all you need to know. See, this band reads your heart rate continuously and scans your hourly calorie consumption, steps, distances, speed, and sleep quality.

Check Price and Buy @ Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker

You get this stylish Boltt fitness tracker in multiple colors; black, dazzling blue, and deep red. Further, as said above, it comes with different periods of subscription to Boltt’s famous Health App. That is a great way you could get personalized coaching on fitness, diet and sleep. Thus, you could follow perfect diet and workouts guided by experts to enhance your fitness and stay healthy forever.

2. GOQII Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

It is another very popular fitness band on Indian market. Like the above model, it also comes up with different period personal coaching. As a fitness tracker, the slim and stylish wearable effectively monitors your essential fitness data like heart beat, steps, calories, distance, and sleep, and etc…

This model further features an integrated USB charger. You can charge it from any standard USB port like your laptop. Moreover, connected with your phone, you can access SMSes, WhatsApp notifications, and other vital health ticks on its display.

Check Price and Buy @ GOQII Fitness Tracker

Purchase of the tracker with GOQii family care plan gives you tax benefit under section 80D, by the way. In the care plan, you get 12 month subscription to personal coach. Overall, GOQii fitness tracker is a perfect pick for health conscious people. Buy it with no worry because it is already one of most-loved fitness bands in India.

3. Garmin Vivosmart 3 Activity Tracker

Garmin’s Vivosmart 3 is one of another best fitness bands in India. Its design is very discreet, but I am sure it would go well with any of your style. Wearing this band, you are lucky to enjoy a host of smart features. Make travel to your fitness goals in style with accurate tracking of all your activities, heart beat, and etc.Garmin Vivosmart 3 Activity Tracker

Vivosmart touts Move IQ, an innovative feature to detect the form of your activities. It helps the device identify your workouts like cycling, walking, and swimming. And thus offer you refined fitness data in a way you could improvise your workouts.

Check Price and Buy @ Garmin Vivosmart 3 Activity Tracker

However, this state-of-the-art digital smart band is a bit pricier one. Made of silicone, it ensures high quality and sits well on your hand. Plus, the advanced fitness tracker features Bluetooth and OLED display. Above all, it is water resistant up to 50 meters. So you can wear the band even when swimming or taking a run in rain.

4. Bingo F1 Waterproof Smart Band

Bingo F1 is another advanced smart band with brilliant features. Are you excited to see your real-time workout stats? This fitness tracker would be a nice pick, then. Just do the workouts with its multi-sport modes on and track workout stats on its large screen. Simply, it would help you improve your regular workouts.

Bingo F1 Waterproof Smart Band

Feature wise, though priced very cheaper, Bingo F1 is an awesome product. It is made of silicone and you get it with a stylish and sleek design. The Bluetooth-enabled smart band has an OLED display, and activity tracker as major highlights.

Check Price and Buy @ Bingo F1 Waterproof Smart Band

Sure, it is one of the best fitness bands in India. You get it in three color options; black, blue, and light pink. Of course, its slim and attractive design along with a host of tracking features give it a clear edge on market. It is also popular in customer reviews and buy a unit of the band from the link above.

5. Ambrane Flexi Fit Fitness Tracker

It is another stylish and slim item in our list of the best fitness bands in India. Feature wise, it is like all other models we have discussed above. For an affordable price, you get the Ambrane Flexi Fit digital band as an advanced heart rate monitor and pedometer. Stay with us for more details.

Every fitness geek will love to wear a fitness tracker. The way it helps in improving your fitness is, of course, amazing. Wear this smart band in the gym, work sites, evening parties, and during sleep. You can always track complete data on your heart beat, steps, climbs, calories, sleep patterns, and etc.

Check Price and Buy @ Ambrane Flexi Fit Fitness Tracker

As you see in the image, it is a very slim and comfy band to wear on. With the stylish silicone strap, you can wear it in any occasions and access vital real-time fitness data on your phone or tablet. It connects with any Bluetooth 4.0 devices. In customer reviews also, it does well. Buy a unit of the band using the link above.

6. Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Lenovo HW01 smart band is another great device to monitor every step of your life. This very popular band highlights all advanced features that a typical digital band must have. Well, track your heart beat rate, sleep patterns, and other important workout stats on its cute and slim display.Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Regular workout is, of course, the only means you can stay healthy and fit. Meanwhile, a device for an accurate analysis of workouts gives you a chance for quick workout and diet improvements. The Lenovo HW01 fitness band, as a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and pedometer also, is a perfect device to track your workout activities.

Check Price and Buy @ Lenovo HW01 Smart Band

It is indeed a perfectly designed smart band. It features dust-proof and liquid splash capabilities so you can wear the it right anywhere irrespective of worse climates. By the way, it works with both iOS and Android devices like all its alternatives. Made of silicone, its strap gives you much comfort in wearing all the time.

7. Fastrack Reflex Smart Band

Fastrack’s Reflex is a leading brand in best fitness bands in India. Though not much popular, this affordable model is indeed worth buying for its price. Like all similar products, this smart band helps you track all your basic workout data, sleep patterns, and calorie information.

Design wise, Fastrack Reflex is indeed a stylish one. It is equipped with a rectangular display and you have its strap in quality silicone. So it fits very well on your hand and you can comfortably wear it during workout sessions, games, adventurous trips, or etc.

Check Price and Buy @  Fastrack Reflex Smart Band

Fastrack Reflex is available in different colors like black, purple, and blue. Though coming from a top brand, it doesn’t do well in customer reviews, as of writing this. Some customers have raised complaints over its quality and function. Anyway, the device looks a quite nice pick in terms of specs and features.

8. Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

Perhaps, it is the most popular fitness band in India. Xiaomi’s Mi Band is a highly feature-rich and slim fitness tracker with a host of sophisticated features. Its brand new version is up with a quality OLED touchscreen that shows a range of important fitness data as well as time. Well, with a touch of finger, you can access all your vital fitness information on its stylish screen.

Great thing with the Mi Band is its reminder feature. Once you activate it, the band takes care of your warm-ups. If you sit for a longer period on work or reading, it will remind you of the time for warm-ups. So you can increase productivity with timely moves. Buy a unit of the fitness tracker using the link below.

Check Price and Buy @ Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

The Xiaomi band connects with all Bluetooth 4 devices whether it is iOS or Android. It is an IP67-certified device so it can stay resistant to water up to 1m depth for half an hour. Further, it touts aluminum allow and a quality strap for convenient wearing. With its lithium polymer battery, it gives standby time of 23 days.

Final Thoughts

That was our list of the best fitness bands in India. On market, you can see a lot of models. We have included the best and most-reviewed items so it would help you find the right model that would fit your needs. While buying a model, make sure you don’t buy any duplicate item. Well, for a price around INR 1500, you get a good quality fitness band in India. Enjoy shopping your favorite fitness band and stay more informed and healthy. EquipmentGeneral FitnessBest Fitness Bands,Best Fitness Bands in India,Fitness Bands India,Fitness Trackers India,Fitness Trackers OnlineFitness band market in India is indeed rich with fantastic devices. We have a variety of brilliant models from top brands as well as small-time makers out there. Are you a fitness geek? And have you tried a fitness band? If no, it is high time you should try...Your Trusted Fitness Companion