To set up a mini home gym is no more a daunting task. There are many affordable and space-saving workout equipment on the market today. You don’t need a lot of money to put together a home gym for basic strength training. Go for a fitness bike, skipping rope, adjustable dumbbells, and such small things. They are absolutely enough to make your home gym a great place to ensure essential weight training. Here we have a list of the best equipment for a home gym that Indian fitness enthusiasts could simply acquire on their budget.

Best Equipment for a Home Gym

Best Equipment for a Home Gym

People don’t normally perceive a home gym as a place for heavy weight training. Most fitness enthusiasts, who look for heavyweight workouts, prefer to visit the nearby professional gym. Hence, you need not spend a huge amount to build your home gym. Just a basic set-up helps you attain the daily workout goals. What should be the best equipment for a home gym, then? Definitely, we discuss that here. Below we have 6 must-have home gym equipment for an Indian fitness freak, who wants to set up a small home gym.

Had it been raining outside, many gym-goers would decide to retire to the couch. The gym is there always, but to get there on a cold or wet morning is tough for many. What is the best solution? It is simple. Set up a cool home gym with the basic workout equipment. That gives you a chance to at least perform a warm-up on a day you can’t hit the gym for some reason. Or just leave a chance for the other people in your family to do some workout. What should a home gym basically have? Stay with us after the break to get a clear idea on it.

1. Fitness Bike

Fitness Bike Online India

First of all, a fitness bike is essential for any home gym. It is one of the best cardio equipment ever. Moreover, you get a fitness bike on the Indian market for an affordable price. When you need to spend a fortune to buy a good quality treadmill, a decent fitness bike comes for a fraction of it. That is why we have a fitness bike on our list of the best equipment for a home gym. Anyway, indoor cycling is a great workout for better cardiovascular health and stronger legs and lower body.

Also, a fitness bike is a quick way to warm up your body to prepare for a rigorous workout session. I personally cycle for around half an hour a day in different tension levels to ensure a fresh start for my routine workouts. Whatever, you could find many excellent fitness bikes online in India. We recommend you to buy an advanced magnetic one instead of the traditional chained model. Indeed, a magnetic bike offers the maximum comfort.

Recommended Equipment

Based on the customer reviews, we would like to recommend you Cardio Max JSB HF73 fitness bike. This is certainly a stylish and powerful machine you can get at an affordable price. The heavy-duty fitness bike offers 4KG flyweight and is known for providing easy cycling experience. Of course, it has got all advanced features like a display to show real-time data on your cycling. And it is an 8-tension bike for different athletic needs.

Kobo AB-5 exercise bike and Cardio Max JSB HF73 fitness bikes

Links to Buy @ Cardio Max JSB HF73 Fitness Bike and Kobo AB-5 Exercise Bike

The next popular model on Indian market is Kobo AB-5 exercise bike. As you see, this is not a magnetic one, but you get it for a rather affordable price. However, the machine is capable to offer you very smooth full body cardiovascular workouts. It comes with a very comfortable saddle and adjustable tension levels, of course. It can support a user weighing up to 120 kgs. And the integrated display shows you all details on the cycling.

2. Jumping Rope

jumping rope online india

Jump rope is a great workout. A 10-minute systematic skipping helps burn as much as 130 calories. And it lets sculpt your chest, shoulders, and legs. There is a variety of skipping workouts. You can just jump over the rope with both legs together as a basic one. And continue jumping with diverse positions of your legs. Well, you can check all possible jump workouts in the video by Marty Winkler and see how much a jump rope helps you. As you see, skipping rope is one of the most affordable picks on our list of the best equipment for a home gym.

The history of jump rope is interesting. It became popular in the 1950s among kids as a form of play. Children in the inner cities and villages used their forms of skipping ropes. Skipping rope started to gain in popularity in the 1970s as a physical fitness tool. A jump rope is, in fact, just a rope with a pair of handles. You get the rope in leather, plastic, nylon, and other materials. Meanwhile, the handles often come in wood or plastic. There are even jump ropes with digital counters. Let us check a pair of popular jumping ropes Amazon India below.

Recommended Equipment

First, we would like to invite your attention to Vector X jump rope. Absolutely, it is a highly popular skipping rope on the Indian market. It touts a sturdy nylon rope with a pair of non-slip handles. They have got rounded ends to let you grab the rope firmly during the workout. The lovely thing with the jump rope is its adjustable rope. Clearly, you can adjust the length of the rope using the plastic lock at the end. Price-wise, it is very cheap and it has an awesome customer rating on leading sites like

Vector X kipping rope = Kore K-Skipping Rope

Links to Buy @ Vector X Skipping Rope and Kore K-Skipping Rope

The next jump rope on our list of the best equipment for a home gym comes from Kore. The Kore K-Skipping rope is indeed another popular model on the market. It is, in fact, a 9-in PVC rope with a pair of foam handles. It is very economical and lightweight to ensure better workout experience. Yes, this rope is ideal for all fitness levels including a beginner to a pro athlete. Again, the Kore jump rope is also a highly affordable model. It also does well in customer feedback on sites like Amazon.

3. Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell

Adjustable Dumbbells Online India

Everyone knows the role of dumbbells in strength training. Coming in different weight options, dumbbells let you do many joint-isolation workouts. Whether its shoulder raises, tricep press, chest flyes, or bicep curls, you need dumbbells. Of course, you get dumbbells in different styles; metal, rubber-coated, and weight-adjustable dumbbells. Since you are looking for the best equipment for a home gym, the coolest way is to go for a set of adjustable dumbbells. They let you mount the required weights for each workout as needed.

An adjustable dumbbell set means you get a pair of dumbbell rods with some weight plates. So you can mount the sufficient weights on a rod and prepare required dumbbells. That is, as per the number of plates you have, you can yourself prepare dumbbells, and not rely on the readymade dumbbells. Moreover, if you get a barbell with the dumbbell set, you can mount the weight discs on that as well. Thus, you can perform the basic barbell workouts for the chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps without spending extra money on barbell plates.

Recommended Equipment

Sadly, we couldn’t find any well-reviewed adjustable dumbbell set with a barbell in the bundle. So you should buy a barbell separately. Indeed, there are many dumbbell sets with different weight plates and rods on the market. The most affordable and popular one is a set of Body Max Adjustable Dumbbells. The kit packs up 14KG of PVC coated weight plates with four 1KG and as many 2.5KG units, and a pair of 14-in dumbbell rods with tighteners. Well, with those weight plates, you can yourself prepare the pairs of 3KGs, 6KGs, and 8KGs.

Body Max Adjustable Dumbbells Kore K-DM 20kg Combo 16 Kit

Links to Buy @ Body Max Adjustable Dumbbells and Kore K-DM 20kg Combo 16 Kit

The next adjustable dumbbells we would like to add to this list of the best equipment for a home gym are from Kore. The Kore K-DM 20kg Combo 16 kit is surely a popular model of its kind on the market. Absolutely, it is a perfect blend of dumbbells. It has four units of 3KG and as many 2KG weight plates. Plus, you get a pair of 14-in dumbbell rods with iron nuts. So you can set up a perfect muscle builder at home and enjoy your workouts in style. By the way, you can additionally buy a plain barbell and a curled barbell along with your dumbbell set.

4. Abs Bench for Home

Abs Bench for Home

The next must-have in your home gym is an abs bench or sit-up bench. It becomes one of the best equipment for a home gym especially when you have a bigger belly, however. As its name says, it is a perfect abs workout partner for every fitness freak. Well, you can carry out several styles of ab crunches on this bench. Look-wise, an abs bench is exactly like a decline weight bench, but it features soft rollers at the top end. So you can hold your feet in place and perform crunches to power up your upper and lower abdominals.

Most of the abs benches on the market are height adjustable. The steeper the decline of the bench, the better the result for your crunches. That is, you adjust its resistance levels. If you are a beginner, you can place it at the lowest level and move up gradually to increase pressure on your abs as long as you gain strength. Of course, in a pro gym, abs bench is a very important part. This is one of the mostly-used equipment at a gym. We have a list of the two top-seller home-friendly abs benches below, by the way.

Recommended Equipment

There is absolutely a variety of sit-up benches online in India. All the leading fitness brands offer good quality abs benches to the Indian fitness freaks. We have Kobo EB-1003 Exercise Bench as the first pick on our list of the best equipment for a home gym here. The Kobo product is indeed a renowned and well-reviewed one. It is made of strong and durable tubular metal frame. Plus, you have it with durable foam material on the backrest and the rollers also keep good quality. Above all, with the Kobo abs bench comes a pair of 1.5KG dumbbells and two medium-level resistance bands. Use the link below to order a unit of the Kobo abs bench.

Kobo EB-1003 Exercise Bench and Lifeline 5501A Abdominal Bench

Links to Buy @ Kobo EB-1003 Exercise Bench and Lifeline 5501A Abdominal Bench

The next popular equipment we have on the market is Lifeline 5501A Abdominal Bench. The great attraction with the bench is its high-density foam padding on the backrest. So you can enjoy crunches or chest presses with more comfort on this machine. Also, you get it with good quality rollers at the top end for a firm grip on your feet. The abs bench is also foldable so you can carry it anywhere quite conveniently.

5. Physioball

Physioball Online India

A physioball or an exercise ball is one of highly affordable best equipment for a home gym. It is a cool solution to strengthen up your core and stability. You can carry out several balance and leg exercises with a physioball and thus use your muscles in new ways. Of course, a physioball is a tough thing for a beginner to do workouts. However, a little bit of practice will let you attain the talent to use a physio ball for routine workouts.

Technically, a physioball or Swiss ball is a large vinyl ball that you can use to offer your body some workouts in unique movements. Well, you get a fitness ball in multiple sizes out there. So you can pick a model that looks fine with your body weight and height. Below we bring to you a pair of top-selling physioballs on the market. As said above, you get a Swiss ball for a largely affordable price as one the best equipment for a home gym.

Recommended Equipment

There many models of physioballs on the market. We have picked up Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball as the first one on our list. This high-quality exercise ball is a well-reviewed one and you get it in three sizes; 55cm, 65cm, and 75cms. You can find a size that matches with your body weight. A big one surely gives you more comfort in doing several workouts if you are tall and bulky. It comes with a foot pump so you can fill it yourself.

Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball and Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball

Link to Buy @ Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball and Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball

We have Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball as the next pick. Of course, it is another popular fitness ball on the market in India. This is actually an 85cm model so is priced a bit higher. However, being such a large ball, it is perfectly fit for bulky users. You get it also with a foot pump. Indeed, there are many other models of fitness balls on the market. You can find any model and carry out your workouts to ensure powerful core muscles.

6. Kettlebells

Best Equipment for a Home Gym

Kettlebell training is another popular form of workout you can do in the comfort of your home. So we would like to include kettlebells as part of the best equipment for a home gym. Hope you know what a kettlebell is. It is actually a cast iron weight that comes in different weight options ranging typically from 2KG to 32KGs. Well, look-wise, it is a metal ball with a handle for easy and firm gripping. You can carry out a number of workouts with a kettlebell like swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, presses, and etc.

Obviously, I would like to recommend kettlebells for a home gym because of the great benefits it has. Workout with a kettlebell is more ballistic and dynamic, not slow as we are used to doing with other activities at a gym. And the result it offers is also quite different. It increases your rate in a totally new way than a regular cardio. Moreover, kettlebell training gives your muscles good movements. Anyway, we have our recommendations of the top kettlebells in India below. Hope you can find the best sets of kettlebells for your home gym.

Recommended Equipment

We have Cockatoo Vinyl PVC Kettlebell with good reviews on As its name suggests, this is a PVC build that is filled with iron sand and you have it with a steel handle. Obviously, a kettlebell is a single solution to tone your entire body with the workouts it deserves. This Cockatoo model, which comes in different sizes, is from one of the best brands you can choose if you are thinking about a kettlebell in India.

Cockatoo Vinyl PVC Kettlebell and Kobo KB-2 Kettle Bell

Links to Buy @ Cockatoo Vinyl PVC Kettlebell and Kobo KB-2 Kettle Bell

The next item you could buy for your home gym is Kobo KB-2 Kettle Bell. Coming from Kobo, it is yet another nice pick you can find on the market. It is a very stylish one with whole the part including the handle covered in plastic. So it becomes quite comfortable for you to do your kettlebell workouts. Certainly, several other brands sell kettlebells in India, which are friendly for home. You can pick the best one that matches with your needs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best equipment for a home gym. Definitely, there are many other types of home-friendly equipment. These six items are certainly cool picks you can find at affordable prices. Also, they won’t take up a lot of room in your home. So you can easily place them in your mini home gym and relish the joy of carrying out all essential workouts. This is actually not practical for everybody to visit a gym because of several reasons. A rich home gym along with a dedicated mind, you can do the best in your routine workout sessions with the above equipment. FitnessTo set up a mini home gym is no more a daunting task. There are many affordable and space-saving workout equipment on the market today. You don't need a lot of money to put together a home gym for basic strength training. Go for a fitness bike, skipping rope, adjustable...Your Trusted Fitness Companion