Got an awkward fatty belly? And are you seriously thinking of reducing it? Perhaps, someone would have told you to take some morning walk. For me, that doesn’t look a good advice for fighting fatty tummy. Walking or jogging alone is not going to take a hit on your belly. You got a bulged stomach because of excess fat in your body. Therefore, the practical solution to get rid of your tummy fat is rigorous abs workout. For that, certainly you need a good abdominal exercise equipment in home if you think it is hard to hit gym everyday.

Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Unique Abdominal Exercise Equipment in India

Why should you need an abdominal exercise equipment? Yes, it is a fact that you could manage to get a strong and healthy ab with regular ground workouts itself. But I recommend you to get an abs machine because that makes your workouts more relaxing. Surely, regular abs ground workouts would make you feel monotonous. Meanwhile, in help of machines, workout becomes more interesting and thus you could make it a habit. Sure, machines give you more comfort and easiness in rigorous workouts.

Coming to abdominal exercise equipment, you have multitude of options to pick from. Obviously, it is because you have several workout options also for stomach, covering different parts of ab muscles. Hence, it is natural that you have variety of machines, from traditional workout benches, tummy twister, to trimmers. For this list, we have tried out best to include the best items from all these categories. Stay with us after the break to have a look at our list of popular abs workout machines in India below.

1. SToK Six Pack AB Toner with Cycle

It is a very popular home abdominal exercise equipment. With this, it is easy to give your belly enough workout regularly. To add to your comfort, it offers a range of adjustable resistance levels. Thanks to its well-cushioned back support, you could enjoy rigorous abs workouts in much comfort and relaxation.

SToK Six Pack AB Toner with Cycle

As its name suggests, it also integrates a cycle. Thus, you could pedal your legs along with abs exercise, thus offering more strength to your belly and quick results. If you are on a budget you could also try out its without-cycle variant here.

Certainly, it is one of the best abs workout machines on market. Well, we see that it has good takers on all key retail sites. Some customers have expressed negative comments on its function, though.

However, for an affordable price, you get an ultimate abs workout equipment with the SToK. Its set-up is very simple and its function, as said earlier, is much nice even for beginners.

Just try your luck with this equipment and make sure you get your fatty belly reduced in continuous workouts at home. We have more awesome home abs workout machines below. Stay with us after the break. If you want to buy this machine, just click on the image and get it from Amazon for an affordable price.

2. House of Quirk Xtreme Workout Rope

Forget the bulky and expensive abs workout machines. This Xtreme workout rope is a basic exerciser that lets you move forward and backward in a way its the band resistance gives some pressure for your belly. This way you could easily manage to do daily abs workouts; that even for a small price. I’m not sure how much practical this machine is for a strong and fit man. But it looks a nice exerciser for beginners, children, or women.

House of Quirk Xtreme Workout Rope

Buy from Amazon | House of Quirk Xtreme Workout Rope|

Wheel workout for abs is very common. But this unit comes up with a pair of wheels that connect to a plastic base with strong bands. Stand or knee on its base and pull the bands upwards and downwards or forwards and backwards to give workouts for your abdomen mostly.

However, it works for whole your upper body muscles like chest, back, arms, buttocks, shoulders, and etc. This kind of ab workout is really much suitable for carrying out at home. You could just spend a few minutes everyday to offer your stomach serious workout.

By the way, along with working out with the rope, you could also add some ground ab workout to attain a healthy belly. Anyway, check out the video below to see how someone tries another brand of same product, Revoflex Xtreme, for abs workouts.

3. Kamachi 1000 Ab Slimmer

Are you having hard time doing crunches? This Kamachi 1000 ab slimmer is a perfect and inexpensive solution to let you perform abs crunches easily. It comes up with sturdy material that can withstand large pressure and weight. You could rest your head upon its built-in cushion and carry out crunches in comfort. For a small price, you get this cool ab slimmer that would lead to your fitness goals quickly.

Kamachi 1000 Ab Slimmer

If you don’t have time to hit gym regularly the best solution for your fitness is to find home-friendly workout machines. But advanced abs and other workout machines are costly. It is where machines like this will come in help of you. You just need to spend a few bucks to own this slimmer. Its metal bars can carry a user weight up to 150 kg.

That said, even an obese person can do his/her daily abs workouts on this. By the way, it is not only for your abs. It lets you perform a range of basic workouts for whole your upper body like chest, shoulders, and triceps. The metal bars are well-padded and so that you could get much grip while doing rigorous workouts. Wanna try this abs slimmer? Find its Amazon link on the right side.

Meanwhile, all customers look not happy with the product. I think many have gone disappointed because they bought it with much hope. This is actually a very basic abdominal exercise equipment. Don’t expect it to give you an option to do advanced workouts. Take it like an equipment that just adds comfort to performing your routine ground abs workouts. Nothing more.

4. Nivia Tummy Twister

Are you looking to reduce a few pounds from your fatty abs? This Nivia tummy twister is a cool and affordable solution to go with. You don’t need to break your bank to possess this abdominal exercise equipment. Twisting generally is a well-recommended workout at gyms for people with big belly. However, this machine along with twisting adds an extra thing, i.e. a magnetic platform to provide something extra to your slimming process.

Nivia Tummy Twister

Buy from Amazon | Nivia Tummy Twister |

Are you leading a busy life? Having no enough time to spend on basic workouts, walking, jogging or visiting a gym? Then, this kind of basic workout machines will let you achieve a little bit of your fitness goals. I don’t claim that just twisting is to do any magic in your fitness life.

It is just a basic abdominal exercise equipment that you could buy without throwing in a lot of money. Anyway, twisting your waist on a twister for a few minutes gives you an extra freshness. I always enjoy twisting at the gym as it comes part of my warm-ups in initial hour. The magnetic layer with this machine further helps you attain more freshness as it sends magnetic waves to your body. Follow the link on right side to order a unit of the twister.

This Nivia tummy twister is a two-layered construction to ensure durability. It could withstand user weight up to 85 kg. If you are going to use twister as your primary abs workout machine this is indeed a good option. Of course, it has good customer reviews and feedback on leading retail sites. But make sure you follow some diet along with working out on this tummy twister to realize a slimmer lower body.

5. Dolphy Black Total Body Ab Exerciser

It is another cheap abdominal exercise equipment in our list. Fine, it is an ab wheel exerciser that simply helps improve your belly muscles in particular and upper body in general. Certainly, you should be able to balance it well while performing the workouts. It is, in fact, another form of the Xtreme rope exerciser that we discussed above, but with no resistant bands. Well, you should yourself move it forwards and backwards in order to let the movements strengthen your tummy.

Dolphy Black Total Body Ab Exerciser

As you see in the image, it comes with a pair of easy-glide wheels to balance your body. You could hold on its handles and balance your body on your knees before starting to go forwards and backwards. Remember you don’t put pressure on your legs to pull you back. Just crunch in as you roll in so you get better impact on your belly.

By the way, it works not just for your abs. It helps strengthen your shoulders, and arms also. What a roller workout wheel realizes is a smooth and comfortable experience in crunching. You could keep doing it multiple times a day to ensure you get a healthy body.

Along with this ab exerciser comes a knee mat for free. And coming to popularity, it has received a big number of takers on all retail sites so far. It is glad to see that most people have rated it well also. Hence, it certainly come out to be a must try for fatty people. Well, you could easily increase your core body strength and enjoy more fun while working out with this ab wheel.

6. Strauss Tummy Trimmer

Tummy trimming is another popular way to fight flab. This Strauss tummy trimmer is one of the top-sellers out there and you could own it for an affordable price. Well, it comes up in two variants; double spring and single spring. Surely, with regular belly trimming,  you could burn off a lot of carbs and fat thus ensuring a flat and healthy lower body. It also works out your upper body parts like arms, chest, shoulders, and etc.

Strauss Tummy Trimmer

A double spring tummy trimmer will give more resistance every time you pull it in and out. It is made of durable and strong springs and the pads are well-contoured so that you could rest your legs comfortably on them. What all you need to do is to place your legs on the pedals, catch the handles, and pull in the springs to the top of your body.

Indeed, you could do trimming workouts in sitting, laying, and other different positions. The result with continuous tummy trimming is a flat belly. Also, it strengthens up your upper body in general.

You can keep trimming for several minutes every day and realize a healthy and fit body. Of course, this piece of abdominal exercise equipment is popular among fitness fans. Hence, you could try it out for your home fitness activities at a cheaper price. You could buy a unit of the tummy trimmer with the link on the right side.

7. Fitsy 4-Wheel Ab Roller with Knee Mat

Are you kind of worried about balancing with a two-wheeled ab roller? We already have talked about a two-wheeled item above. Well, this four-wheeled abdominal exercise equipment could be a better replacement, then. Of course, it is quite different from the traditional ab roller in terms of stability. You could concentrate more on your workouts with no worry about losing your control and falling down.

Fitsy 4-Wheel Ab Roller with Knee Mat

This model from Fitsy is indeed a uniquely-built one. You have it made with strong and durable stuffs. Plus, it is detachable and portable too. That is, you could take it anywhere in your backpack. Being such a compact and lightweight model, you could keep it in your travels and make sure you don’t miss routine workouts.

Along with this model comes a knee mat and floor wedge. You could place the wedge to stop the roller at your tolerance point. Thus, you could add to the safety and have the best experience in rolling out.

Certainly, it is one of the best selling ab rollers on market as of now. A lot of customers have shared good notes on this on various retailing sites. Absolutely, having two pairs of strong and durable wheels, you could trust upon this equipment to carry out your rigorous ab workouts. Order a unit of the roller using the link on the right side.

8. Kobo Sit-up Curve Bench for Abs

This is, in fact, a typical abs workout bench that you could see in fitness centers. Well, you could do regular abs sit-ups in different strength levels on this abdominal exercise equipment. No doubt, abs sit-ups are the highly recommended workouts you could follow to strengthen and flatten your ab muscles. You could also use this bench to try various other workouts to power up your lower and upper abs.

ASG Sit-up Curve Bench for Abs

It is made of strong and durable tubular metal frame. Well, that would certainly make it extra study for users weighing up to 125 kgs. Coming to size, it measures at 5-feet longer and 12-inch wider. That indeed looks enough for a user even with a bulky body. For home use, it is surely one of the best abs workout benches.

You don’t need break your bank to own this abs bench. It comes for an affordable price and there are several home-based fitness enthusiasts as its takers. Hopefully, this machine fits your needs for a perfect ab workout bench in your home. With this, you could give your abs enough workouts every day, thus ensuring a flatten and healthy tummy.

9. Generic Ab Care Rocket Zone Flex

Here comes another top-seller abdominal exercise equipment. Certainly, as you see in the pic below, it is a well-designed flex machine that you could use to crunch your stomach. Of course, it looks to be an essential part of your home gym as it would offer you the best experience in your regular ab workouts. Well, it touts good quality material and padded cushioning, which adds extra comfort to your rigorous crunches.

Generic Ab Care Rocket Zone Flex

Buy from Amazon | Generic Ab Care Rocket Zone Flex|

This flex machine is indeed scientifically made for burning stomach fat. However, it gives better workout for whole your lower and upper body as well. Yes, the machine targets more of your core muscles compared to ground abs workouts. With this, you could perform traditional abs crunches into a 360 degree comfortably.

Are you thinking of achieving shape for your body? If you are not in a situation to go to gym everyday the best way is to buy an equipment like this. It doesn’t cost you a fortune, but the result it brings is really awesome. This machine is not much bulky, however. It measures at just 65 x 65 x 70 cm and you could fold it after use and store in a very less room.

10. ASkyl Fitness Ab Exerciser

Here is the final abdominal exercise equipment in our list today. It is again a well-cushioned abs flex workout machine. Sure, you could increase the core strength by adjusting its different resistance levels. Just start with the lowest and go up as per your needs. The overall equipment, as you see in the picture below, is well-built with strong metal body and comfortable seating and backrest.

ASkyl Fitness Ab Exerciser

Buy from Amazon | ASkyl Fitness Ab Exerciser |

This is actually not just an abs exerciser. Its maker claims it as a 10-in-1 mini home gym. Certainly, you could do leg, bicep curls, extensions, stretching, chest press, oblique twists, and etc on this machine.

Don’t worry about your neck and back while working out on this. Of course, it offers better support. You could adjust its backrest in three levels to add to your comfort.

Assembly of this abdominal exercise equipment is very easy. It is made of quality materials and hence even an obese person can do daily workouts on it. Just watch its maker’s installation video below. By the way, if you want to order it, just go to the link on the right side.

Final Thoughts

We have covered ten top-selling home abs exercisers here. As you see, our list has all varieties of  products available in the segment. At a gym, we usually have the most advanced abdominal exercise equipment and other machines. But it is not anyway affordable for common man to collect them for home as they are very expensive. That is why, we have made an attempt to introduce you to ten affordable abs workout solutions that are good for home. Hope you have enjoyed it. Make your comments below if you have something to say. EquipmentGeneral FitnessAbdominal Exercise EquipmentGot an awkward fatty belly? And are you seriously thinking of reducing it? Perhaps, someone would have told you to take some morning walk. For me, that doesn't look a good advice for fighting fatty tummy. Walking or jogging alone is not going to take a hit on your...Your Trusted Fitness Companion